ESG Guide | The office can also teach you how to implement corporate social responsibility through employee care, green energy and environmental protection!

ESG Guide | The office can also teach you how to implement corporate social responsibility through employee care, green energy and environmental protection!

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) has become an important trend in corporate development, covering environmental, social and corporate governance aspects. In today's society, companies make positive contributions to employees and the environment by implementing ESG. Below, we will introduce you to what ESG is, its benefits and practical methods, discuss how to practice corporate social responsibility through employee care and green energy and environmental protection, and provide practical ESG strategies.

What is the definition of ESG? How is it different from CSR and SDG?

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance): ESG is an indicator that measures the comprehensive internal and external performance of an enterprise in terms of environment, society and corporate governance. It can be mainly divided into the following three levels:

Environmental protection

Enterprises' impact on the environment and sustainability, including carbon emission reduction, energy conservation and waste reduction, resource management, climate change, water resources management, etc.


Social Responsibility

The impact of enterprises on society includes care for employees, suppliers, customers and communities, labor rights, diversity and inclusion, human rights, consumer protection, community development, etc.



Pay attention to the corporate governance structure and operation methods, including board of directors structure, corporate transparency, ethics, shareholder rights protection, corporate compliance and other issues.


One of the purposes of ESG is to help investors gain a more comprehensive understanding of corporate sustainability and how companies respond to environmental and social challenges. Many investors consider ESG factors when evaluating. Companies that perform well may be more competitive in the long term and help reduce potential risks. This has also led to ESG gaining widespread attention and application in companies around the world.


ESG vs CSR vs SDG comparison

categoryevaluation itemsillustrateproject
ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)Environmental, Social and Corporate GovernanceA framework for assessing corporate performance on environmental, social and governance dimensions.Environmental protection, social responsibility, corporate governance
CSR(Corporate Social Responsibilitycorporate social responsibilityThe concept of corporate social and environmental responsibility includes: economic responsibility, legal responsibility, social responsibility and charitable responsibility.The relationship between enterprises and stakeholders, as well as enterprises giving back to society through various means such as donations and environmental protection.
SDG(Sustainable Development Goals)sustainable development goalsUnited NationsThe 17 global goals proposed are aimed at achieving sustainable development by 2030.Poverty, hunger, education, gender equality, climate change and many other aspects.

The importance of ESG sustainability, implementing corporate social responsibility to gain points for yourself

ESG sustainability is not only a moral obligation to show that a company is responsible for society and the environment, but also an important indicator related to investors' views on the company and whether it has long-term development, and is the basis for future business success.

The following is compiled for everyoneFour importance of ESG sustainability:

1. Risk Management-

By focusing on environmental, social and corporate governance factors, companies can reduce risk and respond to increasingly complex challenges such as regulatory changes, resource shortages and reputational damage.


2. Investor needs-

More and more investors are incorporating ESG factors into investment decisions. If a company can demonstrate excellent ESG performance, it will attract more investment and obtain better financial support, which will also guarantee the future development of the company.


3. Employee Attraction-

ESG sustainability is also a key factor in attracting and retaining outstanding talents. Modern employees pay more attention to corporate social responsibilities and values, and companies with positive ESG performance will be more attractive.


4. Brand image-

Through active ESG practices, companies can create a positive brand image and enhance consumers' trust and loyalty to the brand.


ESG certification precautions and score standards should be understood clearly at once.


Things to note about ESG certification-

  1. Choose a credible institution: Make sure to choose a reputable and professional institution for ESG certification. This ensures the fairness and reliability of the assessment process.
  2. Review the scope of the assessment: Understand the scope of the certification and determine whether it covers the company’s main activities and key impact areas. This will ensure that the assessment results reflect the company’s overall ESG performance.
  3. Consider relevant regulatory requirements: Ensure that companies comply with local laws and regulations on ESG. This includes provisions on environmental protection, labor rights, anti-corruption and other aspects.

Score criteria for ESG certification-

ESG scoring standards can be mainly scored based on three levels: environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance. The following is a summary of the items included in each of the three levels:

environmental protection

climate change

  • carbon emission
  • Product carbon footprint
  • The impact of financing on the environment
  • climate change resilience

natural resources

  • water resources
  • Biodiversity and land use
  • Raw material procurement

pollution and waste

  • Toxic emissions and waste
  • Packaging materials and waste
  • electronic waste

environmental opportunities

  • Clean tech opportunities
  • Green energy building opportunities
  • Renewable Energy Opportunities
social responsibility

human Resources

  • labor management
  • health and safety
  • human resources development
  • Supply Chain Labor Standards
  • health and population risks

product liability

  • Product safety and quality
  • chemical safety
  • Financial product safety
  • Information Security and Personal Privacy
  • responsible investment

Stakeholder veto power

  • controversial purchases

social institutions

  • communication channels
  • Financing options
  • Get access to medical care
  • Health and Nutrition Opportunities
Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

  • Board of Directors
  • salary
  • ownership
  • Accounting and Auditing

corporate actions

  • Business ethics
  • anti-competitive measures
  • Corruption and instability
  • financial system instability
  • tax transparency

There are ways to implement ESG. Employee care and green energy and environmental protection can help you get extra points for certification!

As ESG issues continue to gain popularity, Taiwan established the "Sustainable Development Committee" in 2022 to propose a series of policies and plans for ESG-related issues, including green energy, energy conservation and carbon reduction, waste reduction, etc. Many companies have proposed ESG sustainability reports are seamlessly integrated with international companies, and ESG can actually greatly add points to companies through office planning and the promotion of green energy and environmental protection. The following will explain to you what methods can be used in office spaces. Implement the concept of ESG!

1. Plan a comfortable working environment

When planning office space, companies can provide ergonomic office furniture and facilities to ensure employees' comfort and health during work, appropriate lighting, air quality and temperature regulation in the space, and the division of work areas and rest areas. It can enhance employees’ sense of belonging to the company.


B-Studio commercial space works:Dental Aesthetics Museum

2. Promote employee engagement and interaction

Creating an open office environment, encouraging cooperation and communication among employees, and providing shared spaces, conference rooms, and social areas to promote teamwork and innovation can not only effectively improve work efficiency, but also deepen employees' good impression of the company.

Use B-Studio to undertake office design cases "Personal Kelly Headquarters"For example, in an area of 100 square meters, a "flexible tea negotiation area" for open and interactive communication, and up to 10 conference rooms are specially designed as an intermediary space for people to communicate.

Another office design case "Taiwan Dentsu"The office, in addition to using colors to add variety to the space and highlight the lively creative capabilities of the advertising company, also increases employee interaction through the setting up of a creative library and brainstorming area.

3. Provide natural environmental elements

Use natural light and plants in the office space to create a comfortable working environment. Increase windows and open spaces to allow sufficient sunlight to enter the office area. You can also place indoor plants to beautify the space and provide better air quality and natural Atmosphere.

Further reading:How to design indoor ventilation? The essential principles of air convection

4. Reduce energy consumption

Use energy-saving equipment and lighting systems, such as LED lamps and smart energy-saving systems, adjust lighting and air-conditioning settings according to office usage, install automated adjustment systems, and encourage employees to turn off equipment when leaving the office to reduce standby energy consumption.

5. Promote green transportation methods

When planning the overall factory office space, in addition to office space, the public environment can add bicycle parking spaces, shower facilities, and policies that recommend the use of public transportation to encourage employees to walk, cycle, or use sustainable transportation to commute to get off work.

6. Employee training and education

Business owners provide employee training and regularly implement training to enhance their knowledge and awareness of ESG issues, organize relevant workshops, lectures and activities, and provide relevant knowledge on sustainability.

Implementing ESG starts with office value redesign

The promotion of corporate social responsibility (ESG) is crucial to the sustainable development of enterprises!B-StudioHelp enterprises create their ideal happy office space and enhance the good image of ESG!

B-studio is a well-known domestic decoration design company that has won many international awards. It uses its architectural expertise, combined with the needs of owners and environmental aesthetics, to create unique and unique spaces with a wide range of services, including factory office design, interior design, etc. Design, self-construction, reconstruction of dilapidated old buildings, etc., combined with the latest green building materials, help companies easily create office spaces that are both comfortable for employees and green and environmentally friendly. If you have any questions related to office design, please feel free tocontact us!


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A green building that coexists with the environment! What is a green building? Understand the characteristics, indicators and cases of green buildings

A green building that coexists with the environment! What is a green building? Understand the characteristics, indicators and cases of green buildings


Taiwan is an island with a hot and humid climate. In summer, it is necessary to cool down with air conditioners and use dehumidifiers to keep dry. However, as the problem of climate warming becomes more and more serious, turning on air conditioners to maintain low temperatures is no longer a long-term solution. Many people are concerned about environmental issues. I started to introduce the concept of "green building" from an architectural perspective, hoping that my house could help the sustainability of the environment. Today I want to share with you the characteristics and advantages of green buildings, and introduce related green building labels and certifications!


What is a green building? Understand the definition and characteristics of green building


Green buildings, also known as green buildings, refer to buildings that are energy-saving, ecological, and healthy, consume the least amount of earth energy and resources during the building life cycle, are healthy and comfortable, and achieve environmental sustainability goals. Regardless of whether the building functions as a commercial building or a general residence, as long as it meets the above conditions, it can be called a "green building". Usually, the conditions of such buildings have some things in common: good lighting and ventilation, energy saving and carbon reduction, water saving, and green appearance.


How to build green buildings? Understand architectural design skills


Many people want to build green buildings, but don’t know how to start. In fact, as long as you understand the goals that green buildings want to achieve, and then think further: "How should it be achieved?" You can build the ideal green building. !


Goal 1: Reduce interior decoration materials & use low-carbon green building materials

First of all, avoid designing the interior in an extravagant and luxurious style and reduce unnecessary waste. In terms of building materials, old materials are recycled and remanufactured instead of purchasing new building materials, reducing resource usage to a minimum. It is not only environmentally friendly and economical, but the design style is also in line with the "simple style" that has become popular in recent years.


Goal 2: Reduce water waste

From the perspective of the building itself, when designing the building, set up a large-capacity rain barrel and install a filter with basic functions, so that the rainwater can be processed and used (toilet flushing, flower watering, etc.). In addition, a two-stage water-saving toilet can also be installed to effectively save more water resources.


Goal 3: Energy conservation and carbon reduction

Excessive electricity consumption is one of the important energy problems encountered in Taiwan in recent years, especially in summer, which is the peak period of electricity demand. How to improve buildings into energy-saving buildings? Here are three directions for saving electricity for your reference:

Turn on the air conditioner less but maintain a comfortable temperatureIf you want to reduce the use of air conditioning, the most important thing is to keep the building well ventilated. For example, air ducts can be installed to introduce fresh air, adjust the indoor temperature, and reduce the usage rate of indoor air conditioning.
Reduce lighting but keep plenty of lightEvaluate the actual light sources required before planning the building to reduce lighting requirements, zone control switches, and use energy-saving LED lighting as fully as possible.
Generate electricity with environmentally friendly energyTaiwan has successively developed many environmentally friendly energy sources, and one of them is solar power generation, which is a good choice for the environment. Installing solar panels can not only block the sun on the top floor, but also cool down the building.

Understand green building certification and nine indicators


Many countries have their own green building assessment systems, the more well-known of which isUS Green Building Assessment Certificationwith TaiwanNine indicators of Baygreen Building.


U.S. Green Building Assessment and Certification Standards

The U.S. Green Building Council announced the green building assessment and certification standard LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) in 1998. LEED divides green buildings into four certification levels: qualified, silver, gold and platinum. Assessment projects are divided into Five categories:

  • Sustainable base development
  • water efficiency
  • Energy and Atmosphere
  • Materials and Resources
  • indoor environmental quality


Nine indicators of Taiwan’s green buildings

Taiwan divides the levels of green buildings into five levels: qualified, bronze, silver, gold, and diamond green buildings, which are further subdivided into nine categories based on the four major indicator groups of ecology, energy conservation, waste reduction, and health. Indicators serve as evaluation benchmarks.

biodiversity indicatorsIncluding biological diversity, species diversity, and genetic diversity.ecology
Greening quantity indexGreen building spaces, roofs, balconies and building facades.
Base water retention indexUse land to conserve water and maintain ecological water circulation.
Daily energy saving indicatorsReduce building energy consumption.Energy saving
CO2 reduction indexReduce carbon dioxide emissions from the construction industry.waste reduction
Waste reduction indexReduce waste generated by the construction industry.
indoor environment indicatorsEvaluate ventilation, sound insulation, lighting, interior decoration, and indoor air quality.healthy
Water resources indicatorsReduce and recycle building water use.
Sewage and waste improvement indicatorsControl the amount of sewage and waste in buildings.


Case Sharing—Singapore’s “Platinum Zero Energy Consumption” DBS Bank


This summer, Singapore's DBS Bank successfully transformed a 30-year-old building in the city into Singapore's 19th "Green Label Platinum Zero Energy" building. The remodelers covered the roof with solar panels with a total area of 1,000 square meters, and used natural ventilation, smart systems, green facilities, and planting duties to make the energy used by the building renewable. At the same time, planting The natural plants in the building create an ecological environment suitable for bird gatherings, help cool down and reduce the frequency of turning on the air conditioner. Singapore continues to make breakthroughs in architecture and is moving towards the goal of "zero-carbon buildings".


B-Studio creates green buildings based on the concept of imitating nature

B-Studio has more than ten years of service experience in the industry. It can handle everything from building exterior to interior design and provide integrated space planning services. Every project B-Studio makes is to prepare for the future, and adheres to the construction method of imitating nature, pays attention to the impact of each building on the ecological environment, and strives to move towards the goal of creating a sustainable environment. Any green building renovation or construction needs are welcomecontact us, we will provide you with relevant services as soon as possible!



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How to choose a retirement home? Understand the conditions and functions of retirement homes, rooms and furniture suitable for seniors

How to choose a retirement home? Understand the conditions and functions of retirement homes, rooms and furniture suitable for seniors


Due to advances in medical treatment and technology, the average life expectancy of Taiwanese people has been extended and is expected to reach 2025.Super Aged Society. The issue of elderly care has become an issue that modern people attach great importance to, and many people also consider it when purchasing real estate.Consider whether it can be used as a retirement home in the future. But do you know how to find a retirement home that’s right for you? Today I am going to share with you the conditions, conditions and selection methods of retirement homes, and tell you how to provide a safe and perfect home environment for the elderly starting from furniture and room modifications!


How to choose a good retirement home? Understand the necessary conditions first


Choosing a retirement home that's right for you can be difficult, so you should do your homework before looking at a home to avoid making mistakes. Next, I will share with you some principles that you should pay attention to when choosing a retirement home:


Retirement home location and functions

First of all, the location of the retirement home is very important. It is best to start looking for it near the place where you originally lived. Not only does it not take time to adapt again, but if an emergency occurs and there is no family around, you can also find familiar neighbors as soon as possible. help. In terms of location, compared to quiet suburbs, it is recommended to find urban areas with convenient transportation.

The living functions of a retirement home cannot be ignored. Here are some basic necessary conditions for reference:

  • Nearby hospitals:As time goes by, we become older, accompanied by various major and minor ailments and an increasingly fragile body. A slight fall may cause serious wounds. Only when you live close to medium and large hospitals can you be prepared for accidents. Emergency medical treatment.
  • Nearby markets:It is recommended that you live in an area close to traditional markets or supermarkets for easy shopping for daily necessities.
  • Close to places where you can exercise:The body's mobility decreases as we age, so it is even more important to move your muscles and bones every day to avoid rapid joint degeneration. Sports resources include: parks, courts, bicycle trails, swimming pools, gyms, dance studios, etc.


Interior design is also important!

In addition to the location and surrounding living functions, the interior decoration of the retirement home is also a factor that must be considered! When purchasing a retirement home, you must pay special attention to:

interior decoration elementsSpecial Note
Adequate lightingSleep quality will gradually decline with age, and you may even have difficulty falling asleep or lack of sleep. Therefore, you should choose to avoid darkrooms, choose a house with enough windows, and maintain a regular life by experiencing the obvious alternation of day and night to keep your body, mind and soul healthy.
good ventilateTaiwan is in a humid environment, and many windowless houses cause mold and bacteria to grow on indoor walls. Open windows to allow air circulation, avoid moisture accumulation, and maintain good health.
Color matchingColor can have a certain impact on people's psychology. When you enter the stage of retirement, exaggerated colors of decoration and furniture are no longer suitable. Calming gray and brown are the best choices. It is recommended to try to choose furniture with warm wood tones (such as floors, storage cabinets), or incorporate gray-scale stone textures into the walls to create a natural, indifferent and warm atmosphere.



Home safety for the elderly cannot be ignored! Design a space suitable for retirement


In addition to the decoration design mentioned above, the first and most important issue is "safety". When we gradually feel that we have difficulty moving, some small design ideas at home can help us live:


Furniture suitable for the elderly

When purchasing furniture, you should consider whether it is convenient for your movements. Take "bed" as an example. It has become increasingly difficult for the elderly to get in and out of bed. Therefore, when purchasing bedding, you need to consider the "bed surface". "No more than 60 centimeters from the ground" is the main consideration criterion. In addition to purchasing friendly-designed furniture, it is also necessary to process the existing furniture. For example, adding soft and comfortable carpets to the floor will warm the body when moving around the home. Some storage cabinets have sharp corners that can be sharpened by sharpening them. Rounding the corners or adding foam pads can improve the safety of the living environment.


Transform the moving line design

Indoor circulation is a university subject, and the basic principles of space planning are:Keep the design as open as possible. The following provides you with several directions for moving line transformation:

Moreover, the corridor connecting the bedroom should not be too long. It is best for the bedroom to be adjacent to the living room and dining room. It is also recommended that indoor door leaves be in the form of sliding doors, and they are barrier-free designs without thresholds, which can improve the smoothness of movement. In addition, adding handrails and guide lights to the edge of the bed in a timely manner can also prevent dangers.

Transformation directionDetailed description
Make the walkway widerThe width of the walkway should be 80-140 centimeters to maintain a certain spaciousness to facilitate the passage of walkers or wheelchairs.
Shorten the route from the bedroom to the living roomConsidering the physical load, the corridor connecting the bedroom should not be too long. It is best to make the room adjacent to the guest room and dining room to reduce unnecessary waste of space.
Leave only necessary furniture on the moving lineReduce unnecessary furniture that affects circulation, and place some seats or lounge chairs to create a space for resting.
Use sliding doors to reduce mobility barriersWhen planning the design to reduce the threshold, consider using a more convenient sliding door, so that in the event of an accident, you will not be trapped because the door cannot be opened.


Indispensable safety auxiliary facilities for retirement homes

The elderly cannot withstand collisions and falls, so it is absolutely necessary to set up relevant safety facilities. In addition to ensuring that storage cabinets have rounded corners as mentioned earlier, handles and anti-slip patches should be added to walkways, bathrooms, stair spaces and other places. Choose skin-friendly wooden flooring and match it with soft carpets to reduce damage caused by collisions. These are all essential elements when designing a retirement home.

After reading the above article, do you feel troubled by the fact that there are many things to consider when buying a retirement home and it is difficult to find a perfect house? In fact, you have a better choice!


The B-Studio team creates a comfortable and exclusive retirement home for you


B-Studio has more than ten years of service experience in the industry. It can handle everything from building exterior to interior design and provide integrated space planning services. Every project B-Studio makes is to prepare for the future, especially in the planning of retirement homes. It also pays attention to design concepts and considers the needs of customers to create several unique and exclusive retirement spaces. If you have any retirement home needs, welcomecontact us, we will provide you with relevant services as soon as possible!



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How to apply for interior decoration permit? Simple interior decoration VS two-stage interior decoration, the cost difference will be told to you at once

How to apply for interior decoration permit? Simple interior decoration VS two-stage interior decoration, the cost difference will be told to you at once

People tend to focus on style and furniture selection before simple interior decoration. They often ignore regulations such as the Interior Decoration Law, and are fined or even ordered to stop work by government units. In fact, you must apply for a permit from the government unit before proceeding with interior decoration! In addition to avoiding disputes between neighbors, it can also protect the owner’s rights and interests in decoration. Let’s introduce to you what an interior decoration permit is and how should we apply for it?

What is an interior decoration permit? Does everyone have to apply for a decorating permit?

Many people wonder why simple decoration of their own homes requires government approval? In fact, whether it is a newly built house or an old house being renovated, interior decoration may affect the structure and layout of the building. If you do not apply for permission, you will not have any protection in the event of disputes or accidents with other residents. According to the "Management Measures for Building Interior Decoration", the definition of interior decoration is as follows:
  1. Ceiling decoration fixed to the building structure.
  2. Interior wall decoration.
  3. A fixed partition with a height exceeding 1.2 meters above the floor or a partition decoration that doubles as a cabinet.
  4. Partition wall changes.
Take residential buildings as an example. If your house is an apartment or building above the sixth floor, you must apply for an interior decoration permit for any decoration. If your house is an apartment or building below the fifth floor (inclusive), you must apply for an interior decoration permit. Only those who decorate partitions and partitions need to apply for an interior decoration permit.

Four reasons why you must apply for an interior decoration permit


1. Ensure safety during construction period

During the interior decoration of a building, many flammable materials are easily piled up, such as wood, curtains, wallpaper, etc. If the decoration environment is not properly managed, it is easy to cause a fire. After successfully applying for an interior decoration permit, the construction management unit will notify the fire department. Supervise whether the construction process is safe to protect the rights and interests of owners.

2. Avoid forced demolition and fines for illegal decorations

According to the laws and regulations on interior decoration, if you fail to apply for an interior decoration permit, you will be fined 60,000 to 300,000, and you will be required to apply for it within a time limit. If you are found to have illegal decoration, you will even be forced to demolish it.

3. Protect the rights and interests of homeowners

After successfully applying for an interior decoration permit, the design company or construction team can send specialists to supervise the work in accordance with the law to avoid situations where the construction is not carried out according to the drawings or the building materials do not meet the regulations.

4. Review the professionalism of the team

When applying for a decoration permit, the legality and license of the operator will be reviewed together, and only legally registered professional and technical personnel can proceed.


Interior decoration permit application process, 3 steps to guide you through decoration application easily!


To whom to apply

Interior decoration licenses must be applied to local government units. In recent years, the central government has also authorized the Architects Guild or other units to assist in review. For example, the interior decoration review in Taipei City and New Taipei City has been reviewed by the Architects Guild since 108. People can also ask the relevant departments of each county and city government.

The owner should ask the following professionals to propose (select one of 3):

  1. The architect can only sign a design contract and needs to find an interior design company with an interior decoration project management license.
  2. The design department is handled by a company with an interior design license, and the construction is handled by a company with an interior decoration engineering management license.
  3. The design part is handled by a company with an interior design license, and the construction part is handled by a company with a construction engineering management, decoration carpentry, or furniture carpentry license (with a transferable interior decoration license).


Preparation materials before application

Before going to the relevant unit or entrusting an interior design company to apply, the owner must prepare the following information:

  1. personal seal
  2. Copy of house ownership certificate
  3. A copy of the front and back of the house owner’s ID card
  4. Interior decoration license application form (please ask an interior design company for assistance)

In addition to the owner's personal information, the interior design company must also provide the following information:

  1. Floor plan of decoration address
  2. Company business registration certificate
  3. Designer and architect related licenses
  4. Relevant certificates and licenses of the construction unit
  5. Consent form from direct reports

Interior Decoration Permit Application Process


Identify units that can assist in applying for interior decoration licenses

Find an architectural association or interior design company near the location of the house to assist with the process. Pay attention to whether the unit assisting with the process has an interior design license and relevant licenses for the construction part.


Commission an architect or interior decoration design company

When applying for an interior decoration permit, you need to conduct a "drawing review". When deciding on the entrusting unit, you need to pay attention to whether there is an "architect" or a "professional design technician in the interior decoration industry" registered in accordance with the law. After completing the decoration drawing, you need to sign it. Submit to review agency for review.


Prepare illustrations for review

According to the specifications of the Interior Decoration Law, the review agencies are different. Taking Taipei as an example, the review will be conducted by the Taipei Architectural Association. The documents that need to be prepared are complicated, so it is recommended that the public appoint a city-based design company.


Issuance of "Interior Decoration Permit"

After the decoration permit is issued, it needs to be posted at the construction site, and after confirming whether the review unit's reference stamp is complete, indoor decoration can be started. The decoration project must be completed according to the time limit on the permit.


How to apply for a cost-effective interior decoration permit?

The interior decoration permit fee will vary according to the number of projects applied for. The more projects applied for, the higher the fee. Currently, there is no unified standard in the industry. Here is a summary of what netizens have shared on various platforms:


commission architect

The cost of finding an architect is about 60,000 yuan. If modifications are required or other licenses are required, the interior decoration permit fee may range to 80,000 yuan.


Entrust a licensed interior design company

The interior decoration license fee of an interior design company is about 40,000 to 60,000.


Some netizens shared that the application process in New Taipei City is more cumbersome and the fee will be 10,000 to 20,000 yuan more than in Taipei City. If you are a resident of New Taipei City, the amount stated above needs to be increased by yourself.


Simple interior decoration VS two-stage interior decoration


Decoration review can be mainly divided into "simple interior decoration" and "two-stage interior decoration"


Simple interior decoration

Second phase interior decoration

size of space

  • Below the tenth floor, the floor area is less than 300 square meters (about 90 square meters)
  • Above the 11th floor, the floor area is less than 100 square meters (about 30 square meters)
  • Below the tenth floor, more than 300 square meters
  • Above the 11th floor, more than 100 square meters

Construction period

Within six months (can be extended once)

application process

  1. like review agency application
  2. A construction permit will be issued after passing the review
  3. The construction period is within six months (can be extended once)
  4. Construction completed
  5. Apply for completion inspection
  6. Certificate of conformity for decoration of issuance room
  1. like review agency application
  2. A construction permit will be issued after passing the review
  3. The construction period is within six months (can be extended once)
  4. Construction completed
  5. Obtain fire protection approval
  6. Apply for completion inspection
  7. Certificate of conformity for decoration of issuance room

B-STUDIO saves you the trouble of applying for interior decoration permits!


After the above explanation, everyone must have a certain understanding of interior decoration permit applications. Applications for various documents and certificates give owners a headache. B-studio can help you with these tedious processes and behaviors!

B-studio has won a number of domestic and foreign awards, and is equipped with qualified interior designers and architects to provide the public with one-stop services, from design planning, construction drawings, project construction management and interior decoration review applications, B-studio The studio insists on providing high-quality and efficient services. If you have any needs or questions about interior decoration permit application, please contact us and someone will be at your service!

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What is carbon fiber reinforcement? How to help old houses be strengthened?

What is carbon fiber reinforcement? How to help old houses be strengthened?


TaiwanearthquakeFrequently, old houses may besoil liquefactionAffect the safety of the house.National Earthquake Engineering Research CenterExplain that seismic reinforcement construction methods can be roughly divided into: reinforcing building structural elements and improving building structural systems.andCarbon fiberIt is a common engineering material for house reinforcement.. Therefore, before we collect information on reinforcing old houses, we must first understand the production methods and grades of carbon fiber, the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber, as well as carbon fiber specifications and carbon fiber hardness, which will help us understand the importance of reinforcing old houses. Want to know what carbon fiber is used for? Then read along with this article.

How is carbon fiber made? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


Carbon fiber isPolyacrylonitrile (PAN)oroil,coalby-productsasphaltFormed by heating and carbonization treatment, the composition of 90% iscarbonatom. Carbon fiber diameter is about 5~10 microns, withEpoxy resinComposite materials are new technological products synthesized by chemical reactions and can be divided into the following three series.


carbon fiber production

Production Features

Carbon fiber features

Carbon fiber use cases

Luoyang series

Can form special porous carbon fibers

Good thermal stability and lowest yield

Filtration materials for chemical coats

Asphalt system

Can form high modulus carbon fiber

Cheap, rich in sources, second in yield

Aerospace materials, bicycles

Polyacrylonitrile series

Carbon fiber mainPrecursor,high strength

Cheap, rich in sources, second in yield

Aerospace materials, bicycles

Carbon fiber production method

The following is the carbon fiber production process.

  1. Crude oil refining light oil
  2. light oillysisAcrylic
  3. Acrylic vs.AmmoniaReacts to form acrylonitrile
  4. Acrylonitrile is combined and polymerized to form acrylonitrile fiber
  5. Acrylonitrile raw filaments are stabilized, carbonized and fired into carbon fibers at high temperatures.

Advantages of carbon fiber

The following are the advantages of carbon fiber.

  • Lightweight: Under the same conditions, it is half lighter than steel and one-third lighter than aluminum alloy.
  • High strength: Rigid and strong, higher in strength than iron, good in toughness, and easy to weave processed products.
  • High stability: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to expand, long service life.
  • Good thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Good affinity: Carbon fiber is often paired with resin to make processed products.
  • Versatility: Composite materials can be made into a variety of finished products.

Disadvantages of carbon fiber

The following are the disadvantages of carbon fiber.

  • High cost: The production and recycling process is complex and the cost is high.
  • Poor ductility: Poor plasticity and cannot be repaired after impact.

Introduction to carbon fiber grade and hardness, and what are its specifications?


As a metal material, carbon fiber is classified into carbon fiber grades based on tensile strength and tensile modulus. The introduction is as follows:





Tensile Strength

Strength to weight ratio MPa/(g/)

The higher the strength, the less likely it is to break.

Tensile modulus

Rigidity to weight ratio GPa/(g/)

The higher the modulus, the less likely it is to be deformed by force.

Taking Toray, a Japanese carbon fiber supplier, as an example, it uses T values and M values to describe carbon fiber grades. The higher the number, the better the rigidity or strength. Taiwan often uses the K number to represent carbon fiber specifications. The K number refers to how many single-filament carbon fibers there are in a bundle of carbon fibers. The larger the K number, the thicker the carbon fiber number, but it does not necessarily mean that the larger the K number, the better the carbon fiber grade. The single carbon fiber One-way or two-way weaving texture will affect the carbon fiber hardness and how it is used.

Carbon fiber has many uses! Carbon fiber can be used in everything from tennis rackets to old house reinforcements


Although the production cost of carbon fiber is high and complicated, its lightweight, high strength and durability are all advantages of carbon fiber, and it is a new metal material with potential development. Nowadays, carbon fiber has many uses and is widely used. From the original aerospace, automobile, military, and energy fields, it has now developed into people's livelihood needs, such as sporting goods, transportation, building materials, etc.

Introduction to Laowu Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

We can inquire through the Central Geological Research Institute of the Ministry of Economic AffairsSoil liquefaction potential area, who know where they livesoil liquefactiongrade. Soil liquefaction is an issue that people living in old houses need to pay attention to. In the past, Taiwan's building regulations were not perfect. After many earthquakes, the houses became older and their earthquake resistance was not as good as before. In order to improve the safety and quality of living, it is recommended to enhance the safety of houses through carbon fiber reinforcement projects. After all, the budget for house repairs is not small. You can ask the local government orMinistry of the Interior and Construction Department’s Private Property Earthquake Resistance Information NetworkApply for a grant.

Old house enhancement process

The following is the process of using carbon fiber to reinforce old houses.

  1. Construction racks and protective measures arrive on site
  2. Remove painted walls and deal with rusty steel bars
  3. Resin and mortar brushing and leveling
  4. Epoxy resin coating, carbon fiber bonding
  5. Install steel plate or seven centimeter stone
  6. Mortar smoothing, painting and beautification

Leave it to the professional B-STUDIO architectural studio to make carbon fiber reinforcement of the old house more secure.


After understanding carbon fiber materials, I have a better understanding of the reinforcement of old houses, but construction projects still require professional judgment based on actual cases., so it needs to be carefully evaluated by a professional architectural studio. It is recommended that you can find it if you need to strengthen, rebuild or update old houses.B-Studio,B-StudioIn addition to having a professional architecture and design team, in the face of diversified design topics and the development trend of an aging society, we have continued to improve on the topic of elderly health care buildings. We are familiar with end-of-age regulations and judgment standards, and can provide you with the best Professional assessment.


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How much do you know about the Ordinance on Endangering the Elderly? Understand in 5 minutes the conditions, benefits and application methods for rebuilding the elderly at risk

RC 結構

[What is RC architecture? 】Compared with SC and SRC structures, which one is the most earthquake-resistant?

[What is RC architecture? 】Compared with SC and SRC structures, which one is the most earthquake-resistant?

RC 結構

When choosing a house, many people will consider whether the building materials are earthquake-resistant. Real estate agents or businesses may also promote the house by emphasizing that the house is made of very solid building materials and is absolutely safe in the event of an earthquake. But do you know what building materials are available on the market? At present, the most common houses on the market are RC structure buildings, which are traditional reinforced concrete, followed by SRC structure and SC steel structure buildings. Do you know what RC building materials are? What is the definition of SC and SRC structures? And you may have heard business tell you that RC structure buildings are not earthquake-resistant and have a long service life. Is this true? The following will introduce each building structure to you one at a time so that you can quickly clear up your doubts!

What is the RC structure? The most common building material on the market—reinforced concrete

RC structure (Reinforced Concrete) refers to a house made of reinforced concrete. The construction method is to arrange steel bars into a column structure, tie them with thin steel bars, put on formwork, pour cement concrete, and wait for the cement to harden. The mold can be removed after forming. Since RC building materials are the cheapest, 90% of the houses on the market are RC structure buildings. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the RC structure.

Advantages and disadvantages of RC structure

  • advantage
  1. Since RC building materials are heavier, they have the lowest shaking during earthquakes.
  2. Because the building materials use a large amount of earth concrete, the sound insulation effect and fire resistance are the strongest among the three building materials.
  3. The construction complexity is the simplest among the three structures, so the construction time is the shortest.
  • shortcoming
  1. RC building materials use a large amount of harder and heavier concrete, so they are only suitable for building houses within 10 floors. Otherwise, when an earthquake causes the building to swing significantly, the too-high columns will be unable to extend and break, causing the risk of house collapse. .
  2. The column shape that the RC structure can produce is single, so it cannot be used to build houses with special shapes.
  3. The large cross-section size of the column will occupy part of the building space.

SC steel frame structure—If you want to build a super-high floor, choose a steel structure building!

SC structure (Steel Structurer), also known as SS (Steel Structure), refers to a building built using steel frame structure. The construction method is to use pure steel frame to weld or lock bolts to the desired shape, and then serve as the center of the column. The outer layer is then wrapped with a thin layer of concrete to prevent fire and increase the rigidity of the building. Due to the higher cost of steel frames, the construction price of SC structures is relatively expensive. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of SC steel frames.

Advantages and disadvantages of SC structure

  • advantage
  1. Due to the high toughness of the steel frame structure, there is less risk of column fracture in the event of an earthquake. This structure can be used for super-high floors above the 30th floor. Many office buildings in Taiwan use SC structures.
  2. The building material has good toughness, and the building can be made into many different shapes.
  • shortcoming
  1. Since the steel frame structure is relatively light, the shaking during an earthquake will be stronger. When a strong typhoon strikes, high-rise buildings may also feel the building shaking.
  2. Since the steel frame structure has a low melting point, the steel frame may be in danger of melting in the event of a fire or explosion, so the outer layer must be covered with sufficient flame retardant coating.
  3. The specific heat of the steel frame structure is low, so the interior is prone to be very cold in winter and very hot in summer. Special insulating coating is also required to solve this problem.
  4. The steel frame structure itself has poor sound insulation effect, and additional sound insulation cotton needs to be installed.

SRC structure—steel reinforced concrete, combining the advantages of SC and RC structures!

SRC structure (Steel Reinforced Concrete) refers to a combination of reinforced concrete and steel frames to build a house. The construction method is to first embed the steel frame columns at the desired location, and then cover them with 15 to 20 cm of cement and fine steel bars. outer layer. Since SRC structures use a mixture of cheap and more expensive building materials, the price of SRC buildings also falls between RC and SC. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the SRC structure.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SRC Structure

  • advantage
  1. Because the SRC structure is a mixture of reinforced concrete and steel frames, it is not only fireproof and soundproof, but also has excellent earthquake resistance. It is suitable for mid-to-high floors from the 15th to the 25th floor.
  2. Because the steel frame is used as the core of the column, the cross-sectional area of the column can be reduced smaller than the RC structure.
  • shortcoming
  1. Since two building materials are used at the same time, the construction complexity is high and good quality control is required. Therefore, the construction time will be the longest among the three, and the project price is also more expensive, which will lead to subsequent increases in housing prices.

Will RC structure buildings not be earthquake-resistant enough? How long is the term?

After understanding what SC, SRC, and RC structures are, you may wonder, will I have safety concerns if I choose the RC structure because it is not earthquake-resistant enough? In fact, each structural material has a certain earthquake resistance. What has a greater impact on the safety of the house is whether the house structure is symmetrical and whether the construction quality is good. For example, if the RC structure house has enough steel bars during construction, they are tied well, and the steel bars of sufficient pounds are selected. If the cement and house structure are symmetrical, they will be safe. In contrast, if the SC and SRC structure houses have poor steel frame welding and poor quality control during construction, they will also build high-priced houses with insufficient safety.

In terms of age, the domestically recognized age of houses with SC, SRC, and RC structures is fifty years. However, this number will increase or decrease depending on the construction quality of each building. Therefore, when selecting a construction manufacturer, be sure to fully consider the design and materials. , construction quality and risk assessment and other details to build a safe building. If people want to buy a medieval house, they must consider the age of the house. Also, they can try to choose a house that complies with the new regulations after the 921 earthquake, because after 921, the earthquake-resistant part of the building regulations was revised, which improved the cost of newly built houses. security.

RC 結構

Just leave the design and planning of the new building to the professional B-STUDIO architectural studio!


If you need housing construction design, please contact B-STUDIOThat’s right! B-STUDIO, who is very familiar with building regulations and various building structures, can definitely provide you with the most professional assessment and services in the architectural design and planning of your house.


BSTUDIOWe have a professional construction and design team that can provide you with architecture, interior design, space planning services, old house reinforcement, reconstruction, and renovation services for your house. Any needs are welcome at any timecontact us, let B-Studio help you build a safe and beautiful dream house while enjoying a high-quality home life.


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What are the elements of minimalist design? Teach you how to create an ideal minimalist style room

How to renovate an old house? Let me tell you from the case, what to pay attention to when renovating an old house

How to renovate an old house? Let me tell you from the case, what to pay attention to when renovating an old house

House prices across Taiwan are rising day by day. Compared with newly-built houses, old houses have lower utility ratios and are more affordable. More and more people will choose to buy old houses for renovation. However, due to the age of the houses, the structure of the old houses needs to be strengthened. and pipeline configuration are all details that require more attention after purchase. The following is an analysis of old house renovation cases, and what are the precautions for renovating old houses.

3 key points in renovating old houses. Old houses can also be built into ideal homes

Old house renovation case: Tianyu Street

There are often many key points that are easily overlooked when renovating an old house. Whether it is the basic structure and pipelines, or the soft decoration project of furniture design, if you pay more attention to the details and maintain good communication and discussion with the design team, you can create an ideal home in an old house. The following will introduce you to the three key points of renovating old houses.

Basic engineering: Structural reinforcement and pipeline configuration of old houses require special attention

Basic engineering such as structure and pipelines is one of the most overlooked aspects of old medieval houses. In order to ensure the safety of the house, before starting the space planning and interior decoration project, be sure to ask the team to fully evaluate the current condition of the house, such as the bathroom waterproofing project, or the water and electricity pipelines, etc., to see if they are damaged or too old. It needs to be replaced, not only to protect your own living rights, but also to protect the safety of your family in advance.

Pattern dynamics: family needs need to be considered and interactivity improved

Passed space planning and gathering lines create smoothness and comfort in the home space. When planning the configuration, you must first consider the family situation, such asB-studio Tianyu StreetIn this case, the original layout of three bedrooms and two living rooms separated the living room and dining room, which caused the kitchen to be located too far inside and restricted lighting and ventilation. After communication and discussion with the design team, the location of the public space was adjusted to make the overall The movement lines are smoother, and parents can play with their children in a clearly visible space, without neglecting their children's safety while cooking in the kitchen.

Ventilation and lighting: expand window area and introduce natural light

Old houses may be limited by a long layout or a small space, causing problems such as dark interiors and poor air circulation. Bright colors and open spaces can make the overall feel lighter, and the window area can also be expanded. Increase exposure to natural light and improve air circulation, such asB-studio Tianyu StreetIn this case, the designer used white as the base, paired with built-in lighting on the ceiling and geometric black furniture to make the overall space look more spacious and brighter. The team also used large-area floor-to-ceiling windows to increase the natural lighting in the space. , so that there is enough light during the day without turning on the lights.

Is it expensive to renovate an old house? What subsidies and incentives does the government have?

In fact, whether it is a facelift-style renovation, structural earthquake resistance improvement, or direct house reconstruction, the government has set up relevant incentive provisions to encourage homeowners to update the appearance of their houses and improve safety.

The following is the latest urban renewal regulations from the Taipei City Urban Renewal Department:

Example content:

1. Schedule rewards: reduced year by year

109/5/12~110/5/12 Volume 8% reward

110/5/12~111/5/12 Volume 6% reward

111/5/12~112/5/12 volume 4% reward

112/5/12~113/5/12 Volume 2% reward

113/5/12~114/5/12 Volume 1% reward

No time bonus starting from 114/5/12

2. Scale rewards:

If the combined adjacent land area of a dangerous old building base reaches 200 square meters, a base volume reward of 2% will be given. For every additional 100 square meters, a base volume reward of 0/5% will be given.

(The total of time course reward and scale volume reward shall not exceed the upper limit of the base capacity of 10%.)

(Extended reading: Now is the time to rebuild at-risk seniors, updates on elderly residences, application conditions for at-risk seniors, and comparison of incentives and discounts!)

For the face-lifting part, taking Taipei City as an example, in"Urban Renewal, Renovation and Maintenance Policy"As long as old houses meet the conditions for renovation, they can apply for "Exterior Wall Renovation and Repair" and receive a subsidy of up to NT$3 million.

In terms of earthquake resistance, the Ministry of the Interior has also promoted the "phased reinforcement subsidies for earthquake resistance of private buildings". Old houses have been assessed for earthquake resistance, and if they meet the conditions, they can even receive a subsidy of up to 4.5 million yuan.

B-STUDIO is the first choice for renovation of old houses, giving new life to old houses

After analyzing the above three points, I believe everyone will have a better understanding of old house renovation. From internal details to exterior design, as long as you find the right team, your old house can look like a new house!B-StudioWe have a professional architecture and design team that can assist in identifying dangerous old buildings in advance planning. Professional designers can also provide architecture, interior design and space design services to give old houses a new life. Any needs are welcome at any timecontact us, let B-Studio help you obtain old house reconstruction incentives while enjoying a high-quality home life.

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Old house facelift gives your house new life! How much does it cost? Share successful cases of old house facelift

Old house facelift gives your house new life! How much does it cost? Share successful cases of old house facelift

B-Studio architectural case: Zhongshan Yang

When walking on the streets, do you often see shabby-looking houses, with some even showing signs of serious mottled and peeling exterior walls? According to statistics, more than 60% of the houses in Taiwan are over 20 years old. The building materials of some buildings have long since fallen off, leaving the structure exposed. In more serious cases, tiles may fall off, causing pedestrian safety problems. Houses will get older over time, but "house facelift" can give them a new look. Today I will introduce to you the definition and method of house lift, the cost of house lift, whether there are subsidies, and share the successful cases of house lift.

What is old house facelift? Three common traditional exterior wall facelift methods

In addition to making the cityscape unsightly, "old houses" may also have weakened earthquake-resistant structures and fallen building materials due to lack of maintenance, jeopardizing pedestrian safety. When evaluating and repairing old houses, in addition to the common exterior wall facelift, structural reinforcement will also be taken into consideration, so that the building can not only rearrange the exterior of the old house, enhance the quality of the building, and increase its value in the real estate market. At the same time extend the service life of the building. When it comes to exterior wall resurfacing, cement, tiles, marble, etc. are all common resurfacing building materials.

Different materials will affect the construction method of old house facelift. There are three common methods of old house facelift:Waterproof coating, tile laying method, and metal cladding.

1. Exterior wall waterproof coating peeling

The waterproof coating peeling method is suitable for use on old paint or unpainted exterior walls. When choosing waterproof coatings, you must consider the waterproofing years, whether it is suitable for the local climate, the number of years of color retention, etc. This method is usually used for peeling. The budget is low and the construction period is short, but the disadvantage is that the maintenance time is short (an average of 3-15 years, depending on the raw material grade of the paint). If the standard base treatment before the operation is not done well, the life may be as short as one Year.

2. Stone and tile paving methods

Ceramic tiles are a commonly used building material in buildings in Taiwan. Old tiles must be removed before they can be re-layed with soil and water. Usually, scaffolding is used to carry out the construction work. Although the tiling method can maintain an average durability of 15 years, this method has several disadvantages that should be noted: the overall construction period is longer, the cost is higher, and a large amount of noise, dust and other wastes will be produced during the construction period, which increases the environmental burden and disposal cost.

3. Metal iron cladding board

Metal cladding is also called iron sheet cladding. The advantages of this method are that it is moderately priced, has a moderate construction period, and has an average durability of 10 years. Its disadvantages are that the insulation effect of the iron sheet is poor and the method of fixing the iron sheet is unreliable. Taiwan's climate is relatively hot and humid, and When a typhoon comes, the iron sheets may be blown away by strong winds.

Comparison of three types of old house facelifts


Exterior paint

iron sheet



Good water resistance

Heavy rain can easily seep water

Possible waterproofing holes

construction cost




Construction period





Long service life

Depends on material

Depends on material

construction safety

less dangerous

Moderate difficulty

The most difficult construction

Is it expensive to facelift an old house? How to apply for subsidies?

The cost of exterior wall facelift includes site catalog, planning and design, payment of relevant fees, etc. The cost estimate will vary according to the condition of the house, the age of the house, the building materials selected, and the complexity of the construction method. From the table below, we can see Yes, just in terms of building materials, there is a big difference in price.

Select building materials

Old house facelift price (NTD)


2,700 – 12,000/square meter

Oil paint

3,000 – 8,000/square meter

washing stone

4,500 – 9,000/square meter

Natural Stone

6,000 – 30,000/square meter



There is no standard pricing for old house facelift, so when estimating the project, it is best to find a trusted architectural design company for evaluation, quotation and contract signing. Although the price will not change much after signing the contract, it is still recommended to reserve some factors. Additional expenses incurred due to engineering emergencies.



It turns out that old house facelifts are even more subsidized?

When it comes to urban renewal, people usually think of "tear down buildings and rebuild them", but did you know? In fact, exterior wall facelifting falls under the category of Dugeng! The following is the latest urban renewal regulations from the Taipei City Urban Renewal Department:


The amount of subsidies for exterior wall resurfacing also varies according to local government regulations. Taking Taipei City as an example,"Urban Renewal, Renovation and Maintenance Policy"The subsidy projects include "exterior wall renovation and repair". As long as the building meets the renovation conditions, exterior wall renovation can receive up to 3 million yuan in subsidies.

B-STUDIO professional construction team - giving new life to old houses

B-Studio specializes in helping you create your dream home space. In addition to a complete architectural design team, we also combine interior design and professional construction team resources to provide complete services from architectural design planning, interior integrated design, to overall space creation. We followed nature, combined with the simple yet modern architectural style of Qingshui Mold, and integrated natural elements to let the house tell its own story. If you are thinking about how to give your old house a new life, welcome to chat with us!


If you are thinking about giving your house a new look, you may wish to consider B-Studio's professional team and let us help you give your building a new life! If you are interested, welcomeOnline consultation with B-Studio, let us understand your needs and pursue high-quality home life.


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Simple Zen style design creates a quiet and comfortable space!



What style will your home be? Nordic style, Muji style, and industrial style are the mainstream styles that are often heard today, but "Zen style" is actually also loved by many people, especially older people. What is Zen style? What are its design features? What kind of style will the modern Zen style created by the collision of simple Zen style and modern style look like? This article will help you understand!


What is Zen style? Introduction to Japanese style types

Japanese decoration styles are divided into four types: Japanese Zen style, Muji style andwabi sabiJapanese style, Japanese style, what are the unique elements of each style?




main color

1. Japanese Zen style

It is characterized by simplicity and uncomplicatedness. The decorative structure, color, and material selection are all based on nature, lines, and wood tones. This style gives people a calm, steady and rustic feeling.

light/dark wood tone

2. Unprinted style

With pure white and light wood tones as the main visual, combined with cotton and linen materials, the space has a clean and tidy feeling, and storage is regarded as the aesthetic feature.

light wood tone, white

3. Wabi-sabi wind

Characterized by presenting the original appearance of materials, natural and pure neutral tones are added to the space with rough-touch paint, focusing on matte colors. This style gives people a quiet, slightly Zen feeling.

Sand color, matte color, neutral color (white/beige/grey/brown)

4. Japandi style

Japanese-style Nordic style that combines Japanese style and Nordic style. Compared with wabi-sabi wind, it has more warmth and delicateness. The colors used are mainly low-chroma colors such as earth tones and Morandi colors.

Beige, khaki, milk tea, light gray, etc.


Three major spatial elements that characterize Zen style design

Japanese Zen style is influenced by Zen Buddhism, emphasizing that the space you are in can convey tranquility, nature and other quiet feelings, perfectly showing the beauty of the East. In order to integrate the natural landscape concept design into the interior design, the most representative ones are the gardening design and the tatami Japanese room. We have integrated the three major space design features of Zen style design for everyone:

  1. Space Element 1|Use lines to present a sense of calmness

Use simple line design to separate the spatial layering, such as through wooden grilles,shoji gateThe light and shadow changes caused by the light shining into the space give the overall feeling of orderliness, simplicity and restraint. Usually line designs are done on ceilings, light partitions, sliding doors, TV walls, etc.

  1. Space Element 2|Building materials and elements derived from nature

The Zen style design concept mainly comes from nature, so the building materials are also taken from nature, such as wood, stone, tatami, bamboo, plants, etc., so that the indoor and outdoor scenery can be integrated and the space can be extended. Popular indoor plants such as rich coconut, fiddleleaf fig, turtle taro, pine and cypress, etc., transplant the traditional Japanese garden landscaping indoors, exuding a strong Japanese style.

  1. Space element three|Light and dark wood tones

In order to match the appearance of natural building materials, dark and light wood colors are often used as the main tone, combined with gray and milky white. In the details, different materials (such as large mirrors and marble tiles) can be used to combine and collide to create a modern Zen style.

B-STUDIO specializes in creating your own modern Zen space


Home is the space where we spend the longest time besides the office. And having a comfortable and ideal decoration design can increase the quality of life.B-STUDIO With simplicity and simplicity as the main style, the design concept is derived from nature, hoping to achieve the ideals of sustainability, health and green buildings. B-STUDIO can professionally create your own style for you. Whether it is new house decoration or old house renovation, from interior decoration design to architectural design, we can provide one-stop service planning for you.

Do you have design related questions? Welcome to consult B-STUDIO

What are the elements of minimalist design? Teach you how to create an ideal minimalist style room

What are the elements of minimalist design? Teach you how to create an ideal minimalist style room

In recent years, with the rise of minimalist life philosophy,Japanese minimalist style and various simple decoration styles have gradually become the mainstream of home design. But what exactly does minimalist style mean, and what are the design elements of a minimalist style room? Also, how to retain the owner's personal style in a simple living room decoration? If you want to know, just read on!

What does minimalist style mean? Japanese minimalist style is becoming a trend!

Minimalist style means reducing excessive decoration and design elements in the decoration, so that the space presents a simple and elegant aesthetic without reducing its living functions. Nordic minimalist style and Japanese minimalist style have become very popular in Taiwan in recent years. Among them, the rise of Muji style has made Japanese minimalist style a home look that everyone yearns for.

What are the elements of minimalist design? How to create a minimalist room?

The following are the design elements that will be found in minimalist style.

  1. Clean and simple color combination

The color matching elements of minimalist style rooms usually include black, gray, white, earth tones and neutral colors. Homeowners who like modernity will mainly use neat black and white combination; while those who like eye-catching style will use contrasting colors to show off the space. Layers; homeowners who like a sense of warmth will use earth tones for matching, or add wood elements. For example, in the Chaozhou Qiu House in the picture below, the overall color scheme is mainly black, white, and wood. The overall design is modern yet warm.

It should be noted that although the colors can be freely matched according to the homeowner's preferences, it is recommended that the total number of colors used for decoration and furniture should not exceed six to avoid giving a messy and complicated visual experience.

Japanese simple style works:Chaozhou Qiu Zhai

  1. Pay attention to the harmony of space lines

If you want to create a minimalist room, you must choose furniture and soft furnishings with smooth and simple lines and colors that can blend into the style of the space. The building in the picture below uses linear wooden grilles to replace the traditional cement staircase walls. The material and color of the wood not only match the space, but also create a warm and calm home atmosphere.

Japanese simple style works:Chaozhou Qiu Zhai

  1. Add comfortable and pleasant light to the space

Nordic minimalist style usually emphasizes good lighting, allowing large areas of sunlight to shine into the interior, presenting a bright and lively sense of space.

The Japanese minimalist style usually emphasizes the hazy beauty of light and shadow, making people feel soft and warm.

In addition to natural light, indoor lighting will also greatly affect the feeling of space. Minimalist style usually uses standing lamps or recessed lamps, and uses warm yellow or milky white soft lighting to create a home space that is both textured and warm.

For example, Qingsongju in the picture below uses recessed lights. Because the light bodies are hidden in the ceiling and evenly distributed, the space looks simple and comfortable, and the light is evenly distributed everywhere.

Modern minimalist style works:Qingsongju

  1. Good daily habits for tidy storage

What the minimalist style pursues is a clean and tidy visual experience. Therefore, opaque storage cabinets are usually used in the decoration, allowing people to keep all the debris that damages the vision out of sight. Therefore, homeowners must also maintain By forming a good habit of tidying up at will, the room can have a minimalist, clean and neat visual sense.

How to create personal style with simple living room decoration?

Here's how simple living room décor can add texture and create your own style.

  1. Add elements of natural materials

If you want to avoid a sense of visual monotony, you can add furniture made of different mineral materials such as cement, wood, or marble to the space to add the charm of nature. Many people also make good use of plants to decorate the space, such as golden kudzu, dieffenbachia, or They are simple and elegant flowers, placed by the window, on the coffee table, or hung to add a layered feel to the space.

For example, Meihe City in the picture below uses wood elements extensively and adds plant decorations to give people a warm feeling of natural healing.

Modern minimalist style works:My River City

  1. Use embellishment colors in a small area

Nordic minimalist interior design uses saturated color blocks to embellish the space and create visual highlights. A small reminder is that it is not recommended to use more than two embellishment colors, and the color area should not exceed one-third of the space, so as not to lose the clean and simple characteristics of minimalist style. For example, the Avenue of Stars in the picture below adds black carpets, fabrics, furniture and other embellishments to the light-colored environment, giving the soft environment a sense of hierarchy and making the space full of personality.

Japanese minimalist style works:Avenue of Stars

  1. Use line variation to create character

Appropriately adding lines of different shapes to the space can inject a sense of design and soul into the space. For example, using arc arches, linear floor tiles, streamlined sofas, or curved mirrors can all give the space a different feeling. .

  1. Make good use of home furnishings to enhance the texture of space

Simple-style accessories, books, cups, artwork, or paintings with simple colors can all add to the texture of the space. It should be noted that the furniture should be exquisite but not excessive, and the colors should be simple and able to blend in with the colors of the space. The overall style should be harmonious so that the space can be pleasing to the eye.

If you want to have a simple decoration style, look for B-STUDIO! Professional interior design team to accurately plan decoration for you

Want to have a simple decoration style?B-StudioThat’s right!Owning an ideal home is a major event in life, whether it is renovating an old house, decorating a new house, building a new house, or building one on your own land.B-Studio Specialized in helping you create your dream home space. We integrate strong interior design resources and a professional construction team to provide complete services from architectural design planning, interior integrated design, to overall space creation. Whether it is residential, commercial space or office space, welcomeConsult the B-Studio interior design team anytime, tailor-made the perfect home plan for you.

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