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2023 Wanjin Rhododendron Exhibition: Mobile Flower Settlement

"Mobile Flower Community" Special Exhibition



[Qian Wen full version] Thousand Gold Azalea Festival: Kiss of a Thousand Flowers in the Deep Mountains 

— Ling Zongyong, Chen Bingxin, Yan Qingrong


Won the 2023 Sydney Design Award, New York Design Award, Red Dot Design Award,

german design awardand 5 major international awards including the Asian Design Award


Chen Bingxin Architect

The conductor of space, the all-round integration of architecture and interior design



Architect Chen Bingxin creates a simple style of clear water molding



A breathing living space that combines practical and spiritual aesthetics


Beautiful Relationship-Book Seat Design

Beautiful relationship-book seat design

Reported by Sister Wen Qian
"A group of idiots" from the two sides of the Taiwan Strait use park benches to spread the fragrance of books and find the beautiful relationship that has been gradually forgotten

Chen Bingxin x Chen Wenqian // Beautiful Relationship Book Seat Design

Beautiful relationship-Shidong Market

Beautiful Relationship-Shidong Market Renovation Plan-Sanli News

[Shidong Market turns around and becomes more literary] China Television News Magazine

beautiful relationship speech
The beautiful relationship between architectural design and natural environment
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Qingsongju Qingsongju

Architect magazine reports

Taichung Fu's House

beautiful home report

Build your own house: Pick building materials to build your own house magazine report

Wooden lattice windows. Old building Haken shop bakery nostalgic flavor