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Joy House

Family should be a palace of love, joy and laughter.
Japanese educationist

Won the Italian A'DESIGN AWARD 

international design award

The original layout of three bedrooms and two living rooms had separate living rooms and dining rooms, and the kitchen was too large and had poor lighting and ventilation. Therefore, the first task was to adjust the public space to make the circulation smooth, the space more interactive, the lighting and ventilation better, so that new mothers can Play with your children in a clearly visible space, and interact with them at any time in the kitchen. Home is a space where children can grow up happily.
The bright white intertwined space is neatly embedded with lighting ceilings, and geometric black furniture is stacked in layers and gradually. The round-edged furniture with high safety is used to make a delicate match with the children's playful space, forming a Create a modern home aesthetic that is spacious, bright, conducive to sharing by parents and children, clear, light and warm.

Project information
Modern minimalist style
residential space
Shilin District, Taipei City
40 square meters
Living room/open kitchen/open dining room/children's playroom/leisure room/living room/dressing room/bathroom/bedroom
Oak wooden floor, sketch white stone, white melamine board, mirror stainless steel, black iron parts, coffee velvet stone, natural veneer