Dental Aesthetics Museum

Dental Aesthetics Museum

Dental Clinic

All beautiful things have a common feature, that is, the harmony between parts and parts and between parts and the whole.
Pythagoras of Samos
ancient greek philosopher


It's like entering an art gallery, a dental aesthetics museum with reservations. The reception corridor distinguishes the inside and outside to maintain privacy. The high-ceiling atrium and simple staircases connect the upper and lower independent clinics. Each clinic is like a private club. Consultation, examination and treatment can all be completed in the same space. Doctors can move between the left and right clinics at the same time. Client privacy and convenience of consultation. The restrained gray tone is used to create a sense of space with interlocking horizontal sliding glass doors, decorated with neat lines and geometric decorations, creating a space aesthetic of lightness and coordinated proportions, showing the dental department's persistence and taste in professional quality.

Project information
Modern minimalist style
commercial space
Nantun District, Taichung City
45 square meters
Reception/exhibition corridor/consultation area/exclusive clinic/waiting area/X-ray room/intermediary space/work preparation area/changing room/restroom
Strengthened clear glass, strengthened painted glass, transparent acrylic, stone, walnut solid wood, brass, stainless steel frame, iron plate