The latest 2024 regulations and volumetric rewards for elderly people at risk, a quick understanding in one article!

In May 2025, the time limit bonus for the area bonus for dangerous old people will be reset to zero. Is the place you live in a dangerous old building? This article will take you to quickly understand the incentive schedule, incentive projects and reconstruction process for the endangered elderly, so that you can grasp the schedule and opportunities, strive to improve the old and doubtful living space, and obtain incentive subsidies!

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How to plan factory partitions? Factory office design and case studies at once

A clean and comfortable factory environment will definitely improve employees' productivity, so the design of the factory office cannot be ignored. How to plan the factory partitions so that they are safe, beautiful and comfortable? What are the differences between factory office partitions and warehouse office partitions? What do you need to pay attention to regarding factory compartment regulations? What are Kuban partitions? Can they quickly create safe and neat partitions? If you want to know more, please continue reading this article!

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Corporate guest house design: a key tool to enhance corporate image

A corporate guest house is a unique business space that not only provides hospitality to customers and partners, but also reflects the company's values and professional image. This article will introduce the uses of a corporate guest house and the key points of guest house design, injecting life into the space to help you succeed. Create a memorable reception space.

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