Unique space creates the greatest possibility; from the appearance and connotation of the building to the outline and personality of the interior decoration,
Every point, every line, every surface will be affected by encountering B-STUDIO
And there are different and unique stories.
Use simple techniques to sort out complex issues,
Narrate the space with a unique story,
Use nature as your teacher to interpret space and adapt to the environment,
Highlight the advantages of space among the five senses and create the greatest possibility in a limited space.
original intention
Heaven - Learn from nature. Taking the natural environment as the starting point for design, we design spaces in compliance with and cooperate with natural conditions (sunlight, air, water and green), making life a process of experiencing nature.

terroir - adapted to local conditions, in line with the local natural and cultural background, and seeking to blend into the environment.

People - People-oriented. Put users first, consider the essence of life, and create simple but rich spaces.
Award-winning works
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