[World-class water-casting architectural master] Tadao Ando’s latest overseas masterpiece design of art museum and library

Japanese genius architect Tadao Ando is good at using fair-faced concrete materials to reflect the eternal pursuit of the ultimate essence. Below, he shares three different types of fair-faced molded buildings, which have turned over the century-old Paris Stock Exchange, the Japanese Art Museum, and the Island in the Children's Book Forest. , see how Tadao Ando reconstructs and interprets the aesthetics of clear water molding!

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清水模 綠意

[Qingshui Mold Architecture] Qingshui Mold Villa that introduces greenery, a simple villa that lives together with nature!

Isn’t it a bit incredible that sunshine, woods, and grass have become part of your home? The architect used simple clear water molding to create a villa facade that blends into nature, echoing the natural landscape surrounded by greenery. Even if you just stay at home, you can easily embrace nature and make sunlight and green space a part of your home! See the architect's design below The "rustic villa" built!

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【Shimizu Mold Architecture】Japan travel bucket list for architecture fans! The classic design of "Father of Shimizu Mold" Tadao Ando

The epidemic has eased recently, so you might as well take advantage of this time to plan a trip with a full schedule! In Asia, with the recent opening of the Japanese Museum of Art, the love and admiration for the architectural design icon of Tadao Ando (あんどうただお) Shimizu Mold has once again aroused. The following selections have attracted the attention of the architecture and design circles and those who love architecture since its opening. 5 classic buildings that have been widely echoed by people, please add them to your travel list to add beautiful memories to your journey!

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[New Trend in Interior Design] Is "absolute poverty style" popular in European and American luxury homes? The priceless minimalist design wabi-sabi style!

What is luxury home design? Classical relief arches, tropical resort style, modern geometric abstraction, etc.? In recent years, the new fashion in Europe and the United States has made people look like luxury houses at first glance, with unadorned simplicity and wabi-sabi aesthetics accumulated over time. Today, let’s take a look at the Zen-like wabi sabi wabi-sabi of European and American celebrities. Luxurious house!

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[Advanced wabi sabi works] Alex Vervoordt, the world’s most influential wabi sabi aesthetic designer

As the world's most influential wabi-sabi aesthetic designer, Axel Vervoordt's love for Zen and the wabi-sabi spirit have become his belief and pursuit. Advanced wabi-sabi aesthetics, Eastern Zen that touches the soul, exploring the essence of life. This time, let’s appreciate the collection of Axel Vervoordt’s works and feel the advanced wabi-sabi aesthetics that touches the soul.

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