[Clear water mold style] Another choice if you like the water mold style? Comparison of construction days, advantages and disadvantages of cement powder, post-water mold, and imitation water mold paint

In recent years, water-cast building materials have become the dominant material. The mold application effects of common cement powder, post-process water-cast, and imitation water-cast paint are very similar to those of poured water-cast molds. They are another choice for those who prefer the style of water-cast mold. The following is a comparison of construction days, Let’s compare the pros and cons and take a look!

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[Self-built dream house] "Health Building" is a humanized design that can be lived comfortably and securely from 0 to 100 years old!

People always dream of owning a house of their own, and the convenience of future life must also be included in the plan. The design is expressed in a level of care that is close to human nature, responds to nature and modern health care. When the living environment has a calming and calming effect, The premise sets a comfortable tone for life and creates a peaceful and relaxing space!

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[Self-built dream house] The "double-layer design" of the water-molded building that can breathe is more beautiful and energy-saving!

The "green building" trend that has been launched in recent years has infused the concepts of environmental protection, energy saving, and symbiosis! Water-molded buildings are also part of the new trend of green buildings. With a unique one-piece forming method, they reduce the consumption of decoration and materials and are environmentally friendly. In principle, while maintaining the beautiful appearance, reduce energy consumption!

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