How to choose a retirement home? Understand the conditions and functions of retirement homes, rooms and furniture suitable for seniors

Due to advancements in medical treatment and technology, the average life span of Taiwanese people has been extended, and it is expected that Taiwan will enter a super-aging society in 2025. The issue of retirement care has become a very important issue for modern people. When purchasing a property, many people will also consider whether it can be used as a retirement home in the future. But do you know how to find a retirement home that’s right for you? Today I am going to share with you the conditions, conditions and selection methods of retirement homes, and tell you how to provide a safe and perfect home environment for the elderly starting from furniture and room modifications!

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How to apply for interior decoration permit? Simple interior decoration VS two-stage interior decoration, the cost difference will be told to you at once

People tend to focus on style and furniture selection before simple interior decoration. They often ignore regulations such as the Interior Decoration Law, and are fined or even ordered to stop work by government units. In fact, you must apply for a permit from the government unit before proceeding with interior decoration! In addition to avoiding disputes between neighbors, it can also protect the owner’s rights and interests in decoration. Let’s introduce to you what an interior decoration permit is and how should we apply for it?

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What is carbon fiber reinforcement? How to help old houses be strengthened?

Earthquakes are frequent in Taiwan, and the safety of old houses may be affected by soil liquefaction. The National Earthquake Engineering Research Center explains that seismic reinforcement methods are roughly divided into: reinforcing building structural elements and improving building structural systems, and carbon fiber (Carbon fiber) is a common engineering material for house reinforcement. Therefore, before we collect information on reinforcing old houses, we must first understand the production methods and grades of carbon fiber, the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber, as well as carbon fiber specifications and carbon fiber hardness, which will help us understand the importance of reinforcing old houses. Want to know what carbon fiber is used for? Then read along with this article.

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RC 結構

[What is RC architecture? 】Compared with SC and SRC structures, which one is the most earthquake-resistant?

When choosing a house, many people will consider whether the building materials are earthquake-resistant. Real estate agents or businesses may also promote the house by emphasizing that the house is made of very solid building materials and is absolutely safe in the event of an earthquake. But do you know what building materials are available on the market? At present, the most common houses on the market are RC structure buildings, which are traditional reinforced concrete, followed by SRC structure and SC steel structure buildings. Do you know what RC building materials are? What is the definition of SC and SRC structures? And you may have heard business tell you that RC structure buildings are not earthquake-resistant and have a long service life. Is this true? The following will introduce each building structure to you one at a time so that you can quickly clear up your doubts!

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How to renovate an old house? Let me tell you from the case, what to pay attention to when renovating an old house

House prices across Taiwan are rising day by day. Compared with newly-built houses, old houses have lower utility ratios and are more affordable. More and more people will choose to buy old houses for renovation. However, due to the age of the houses, the structure of the old houses needs to be strengthened. and pipeline configuration are all details that require more attention after purchase. The following is an analysis of old house renovation cases, and what are the precautions for renovating old houses.

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Old house facelift gives your house new life! How much does it cost? Share successful cases of old house facelift

When walking on the streets, do you often see shabby-looking houses, with some even showing signs of serious mottled and peeling exterior walls? According to statistics, more than 60% of the houses in Taiwan are over 20 years old. The building materials of some buildings have long since fallen off, leaving the structure exposed. In more serious cases, tiles may fall off, causing pedestrian safety problems. Houses will get older over time, but "house facelift" can give them a new look. Today I will introduce to you the definition and method of house lift, the cost of house lift, whether there are subsidies, and share the successful cases of house lift.

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