The little secrets between the three grilles allow you to easily use light and shadow to reveal the Japanese Zen feel

Grille is a common design in Japanese style, which is made of different raw materials arranged in horizontal or straight strips. Just like Qingsongju's designers, they use a large number of grilles on the outside to diffuse the incoming light from different angles. Together with the staggered dark and light wood pieces inside, the changes in light and shadow create a tranquil and comfortable space.

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Designers’ secret collection of 5 great lighting tips, a must-see for layout design and house decoration, to create a translucent and happy space

"Lighting" is one of the important factors that many people consider when building, buying, or layout design planning. Good lighting not only increases the brightness and comfort of the house, but also makes it easier to decorate. If you can incorporate light and shadow into the house design, it will add more features to the house. Good lighting is not just for big houses. Regardless of the size of the space, layout or location, as long as the correct lighting design of the house is used, the space can take on a completely new look.

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How to design indoor ventilation? You must know the principle of air convection to plan a comfortable and ventilated house

When designing, decorating and planning a space, people often focus on the purchase of furniture or the arrangement of the layout. However, indoor air quality is also an invisible key to the homeowner’s life and physical and mental health. Taiwan's summers are hot and humid. If indoor ventilation planning is not perfect, moisture will easily accumulate. The hot high temperatures will also gradually increase the electricity bill. Only by understanding the correct air convection principles and indoor ventilation techniques can you plan a comfortable indoor space.

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[Architectural Design] With an additional "patio" design, you can easily enjoy nature indoors!

If you also yearn for nature, you only need to add a "patio" design to let the sunlight shine into the indoors, and at the same time, it can also bring the outdoor scenery into the indoors, even for narrow and narrow buildings. The following will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of patio design. And 7 patio house design cases that take into account lighting, ventilation, and landscape!

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