The 2024 interior design fashion trends are here! 13 major trend predictions - Advocating nature, earth colors, and soft curve design trends at once!

Like "fashion" in clothing, music or culture, annual interior design fashion trends represent elements that influence the popular colors and material combinations of that year's interior design, and their application range covers various spaces and activities. Especially due to the profound impact of the epidemic, the demand for residential design has become diversified and focused on home quality. The following will sort out the interior design trends in 2024 for you to use to create an ideal home with unique fashion taste!

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[When Nordic style meets water-cast architecture] 5 water-cast buildings that respect nature present a pure and simple life style!

Nordic style advocates nature, simplicity, and attractive functional design, and has always been loved by everyone! Combined with the construction method that has become popular in recent years - Qingshui molding, it presents the purest architectural form! Let's take a look at 5 Qingshui houses in the Nordic style Model architecture, how to interpret a pure and simple life style!

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[Self-built dream house] Space corridors are smooth and not stuck! 5 key designs make your home instantly enlarged by 2 times! ?

The movement line at home is not only related to the direction of people's movement and activities, but also the quality of life of the whole family in the future. What key points should be paid attention to when planning the movement line? What should we consider to make the moving lines smooth and easy to use? Before making changes, the following conditions should be taken into consideration in advance!

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