Corporate guest house design: a key tool to enhance corporate image

A corporate guest house is a unique business space that not only provides hospitality to customers and partners, but also reflects the company's values and professional image. This article will introduce the uses of a corporate guest house and the key points of guest house design, injecting life into the space to help you succeed. Create a memorable reception space.

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Open office design: how to choose a working environment? The 4 major advantages and disadvantages of open offices are revealed!

Before choosing a job, many young office workers today have different expectations and preferences for the working environment in addition to salary and corporate atmosphere. The working environment and office configuration have gradually become one of the multiple factors for office workers to choose a company to work for. Among them, "openness" "Office style office design" is also the open style that many enterprises and companies have chosen when decorating in recent years. What are the advantages and disadvantages of open offices? This article will take you to explore them one by one!

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ESG Guide | The office can also teach you how to implement corporate social responsibility through employee care, green energy and environmental protection!

ESG has become an important trend in corporate development, covering aspects such as environment, society and corporate governance. In today's society, companies make positive contributions to employees and the environment by implementing ESG. Below, we will introduce you to what ESG is, its benefits and practical methods, discuss how to practice corporate social responsibility through employee care and green energy and environmental protection, and provide practical ESG strategies.

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A green building that coexists with the environment! What is a green building? Understand the characteristics, indicators and cases of green buildings

Taiwan is an island with a hot and humid climate. In summer, it is necessary to cool down with air conditioners and use dehumidifiers to keep dry. However, as the problem of climate warming becomes more and more serious, turning on air conditioners to maintain low temperatures is no longer a long-term solution. Many people are concerned about environmental issues. I started to introduce the concept of "green building" from an architectural perspective, hoping that my house could help the sustainability of the environment. Today I want to share with you the characteristics and advantages of green buildings, and introduce related green building labels and certifications!

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