Jinshitang_Global Store

Jinshitang_Global Store

Kingstone Bookstore _ Global Mall Store

Bright and subtle, smooth and lingering, delicate and careful to adjust
Sun Li
Chinese modern and contemporary novelist

From the main white tone to the wood-toned furniture and the display of books, the space seems to be divided into neat and orderly grids, presenting a simple and bright atmosphere. The book wall and multiple vertical magazines are set up in the space. area, reflecting the designer’s rational use of space. Just like wandering in the world of knowledge, reading can occur freely in various areas.

Project information
commercial space
Zhonghe District, New Taipei City
236.05 ping
New book area/ranking area/fashion magazine area/book area/reading area/grocery gifts/stationery supplies/children’s book area/humanities film garden/inventory area/counter/office
Wood grain plastic floor tiles, plastic floor tiles - green grass - hemp weave, strengthened clear glass, wood-engraved groove plate, pure black wood grain melamine board, walnut, metal paint, pendant fluorescent lamps, cross grating matte surface Reflected lighting, bamboo hat chandelier, track projection light