Haken Store_Yitong Store

Haken Store_Yitong Store

Hogan Bakery_Yitong Store

Seven points fresh, three points rock, there is ingenuity in the classics, and warmth in the simplicity.
japanese writer

In this corner of the bustling city, build a space with a natural temperature to enjoy a pleasant afternoon. On a pure white base that is spacious and transparent inside and outside, the building is decorated with geometric elements and Nordic chimneys. Plants are gently scattered from the balcony beams and columns, glowing with green vitality. The interior is decorated with black iron house-shaped display racks, which reflect the color and texture of natural materials such as white chocolate bricks and display wooden cabinets, immediately injecting liveliness into the space, and revealing lightness and humanistic warmth from the details.

Project information
Nordic simple style
commercial space
Zhongshan District, Taipei City
67.7 ping
1F-Seating area/sales area/counter/bread reserve area/island area/baking area/work area/office area/storage room/restroom; 2F-flour area/refrigerated room/work area/vegetable ladder space/restroom
Advertising boards, artificial stone tabletops, black iron parts, iron plates, old wooden grilles, solid wood thick laminates, retro glass partitions, acrylic partitions, small white square tiles, lychee-faced bluestone, terrazzo flooring , pebbles, stone paint, built-in LED lights