Hakenpu_Banqiao Global

Hakenpu_Banqiao Global

Hogan Bakery – Global Mall Store

The moon is like a lonely ship crossing the sea, illuminating the night with all its light.
Ogawa system
japanese novelist

The border of the store uses the soft gesture of grid lighting to reflect and extend the indoor and outdoor lines, symbolizing the continuation of the aroma of wheat in baking, and welcoming customers who come to taste the taste of handmade bread. In the bread display area, a sailboat-shaped display stand is combined with the gradient lines of the beaver chandelier to create a modern space. The back section is used as the bread sales and dining area, and is spliced with several steel, aluminum, and glass doors and windows to form a thoroughfare. The transparent geometric simple design echoes the pure original flavor of bread and the insistence on details.

Project information
Urban modern style
commercial space
Banqiao District, New Taipei City
48.68 square meters
Bread display area/counter area/island area/dining area/baking area/work area/mixing area/freezer/staff storage area
White artificial stone, black melamine board, metal plate, oak grille, black painted glass, Epoxy flooring, plastic flooring