Haken Shop_ Eslite Xinyi Store

Haken Shop_ Eslite Xinyi Store

Hogan Bakery_Eslite Store

There is a kind of touch that comes from the warmth in your hands!
Hacken Shop
European bread

The natural breathing log cabin is used as a design element, the staggered ceiling clouds, and the rustic white bricks and window eaves create a transparent and pleasant sensory experience. The art of hand-baking, which represents the spirit of craftsmanship, is displayed on the catwalk, while the internal bread display space is designed with the image of a tree that extends the concept of nature, using mirrors to deepen the end view, a childlike way of hanging a hemp rope swing, and light-colored wood grain laminates. For facade display, the surrounding wooden car displays the main products, and is decorated with baking yellow light to build a smart, warm and cohesive space, echoing the natural attitude of returning to the original nature of handmade bread.

Project information
Nordic simple style
commercial space
Xinyi District, Taipei City
24.6 square meters
Bread display area/baking area/work area/tasting area/souvenir area/storage area/storage room
Woolen tempered glass, acrylic, black painted glass, sunglasses, polished quartz tiles, cultural bricks, artificial stone, black iron plate, iron plate paint, solid wood laminate, solid wood veneer, melamine board, metal structural bracket, Super wear-resistant floor