Haken Shop_Donghu Store

Haken Shop_Donghu Store

Hogan Bakery – Donghu Stor

In order to create a purely plastic entity, the natural form must be transformed into an eternal form
Piet Cornelies Mondrian
Founder of Dutch Neoplasticism

The creation is extended by incorporating natural elements, with tree branches standing in the center of the space and cloud-shaped curved calcium panels injected into the ceiling, creating a lively and interesting atmosphere as if you are in the forest. The space uses black and white as the main tone, and a display stand and wall made of logs are implanted. A stylish and smooth spherical chandelier and an open baking kitchen are located next to the L-shaped counter, making the space naturally show a simple texture and connecting the boundaries of the building. The triangular area is used as an outdoor rest area, allowing people to enjoy warm bread!

Project information
Nordic simple style
commercial space
Neihu District, Taipei City
45.5 ping
Bread display area/counter area/island area/outdoor dining area/baking area/work area/mixing area/refrigerated room/office
Oak grille, oak solid wood strips, retro brick cultural stone, white artificial stone, black melamine board, black iron, acrylic crystal letters, strengthened clear glass, calcium silicate board, stainless steel bracket