The essence of space design is to create an environment where people feel as comfortable as a fish in water.
french designer

Wandering freely between modern city and simplicity and elegance, the tone embodies the warm atmosphere of family life.
The refreshing blue-gray walls and warm wood interweave the image of the living room. The solid wood panels are used as the foundation and simple chandeliers are used to focus on the kitchen time when enjoying meals. The transparent glass partition allows the elegant music of the piano room to flow naturally.
Through modern minimalist style statement, the open space layout is closely connected and outlines a comfortable and elegant gray scale overture.

Project information
modern urban style
residential space
Zhongshan District, Taipei City
48 square meters
Living room/kitchen/dining room/indoor garden/study/master bedroom/dressing room/main bath/kids room/public bathroom/laundry room
Coffee velvet marble, wooden grille, wood grain board, wooden floor, iron paint, gray mirror, bright mirror, floor tiles, black quartz, tempered gray glass, painted glass, snake curtain, accordion curtain, milky white acrylic