Bond St.

Simple nobility, quiet greatness

german art historian

The colored arches draw a smooth arc, combined with the orderly colonnades and exterior wall lighting, to outline a light and rhythmic space experience. The interior continues the pure white wall of the wall, and uses the form of layered white cabinet backgrounds and hanging walls to set off the design of the products. Various product display spaces are set up in the space, and the clothing scenes on the display racks change according to seasonal trends. Combining spatial elements into a harmonious scene that is both fashionable and imaginative.

Project information
European retro style
commercial space
Xinyi District, Taipei City
47 square meters
Entrance area/lobby/window area/concept display area/display area/sofa area/merchandise area/changing area/storage room/restroom
Bricks, veneer, cement board floors, tempered clear glass, neon lights, iron plates, brass, corrugated steel plates