[When Nordic style meets water-cast architecture] 5 water-cast buildings that respect nature present a pure and simple life style!

Nordic style advocates nature, simplicity, and attractive functional design, and has always been loved by everyone! Combined with the construction method that has become popular in recent years - Qingshui molding, it presents the purest architectural form! Let's take a look at 5 Qingshui houses in the Nordic style Model architecture, how to interpret a pure and simple life style!

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[Clear water mold style] Another choice if you like the water mold style? Comparison of construction days, advantages and disadvantages of cement powder, post-water mold, and imitation water mold paint

In recent years, water-cast building materials have become the dominant material. The mold application effects of common cement powder, post-process water-cast, and imitation water-cast paint are very similar to those of poured water-cast molds. They are another choice for those who prefer the style of water-cast mold. The following is a comparison of construction days, Let’s compare the pros and cons and take a look!

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