[Architectural Design] With an additional "patio" design, you can easily enjoy nature indoors!

If you also yearn for nature, you only need to add a "patio" design to let the sunlight shine into the indoors, and at the same time, it can also bring the outdoor scenery into the indoors, even for narrow and narrow buildings. The following will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of patio design. And 7 patio house design cases that take into account lighting, ventilation, and landscape!

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[Japandi Style] Simple aesthetics has evolved again! When Wabi Sabi x Nordic style x water mold, create a modern, simple, quiet and beautiful house!

When the house perfectly combines the two cultural aesthetics of Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi, and Nordic aesthetics of simplicity, which is consistent with the concept of the original style of the water mold without any modification on the surface after removing the template, let’s take a look at 7 houses inspired by this Residential Design!

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[2024 Interior Design Style] Subtractive living is the rule! Use Japanese simple unprinted style and Nordic simple style to create a simple and light life exclusive to you!

"Less is more" is the essence of minimalist design! Nowadays, minimalist design has become one of the popular styles in interior design. Muji, a Japanese home brand with simple and functional design, brings Japanese simplicity to the forefront. The trend of design, Nordic minimalist design, advocates naturalness and spatial transparency! Let us take a look at the various forms of minimalist design below!

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