The little secrets between the three grilles allow you to easily use light and shadow to reveal the Japanese Zen feel

Qingsongju Photo: B-STUDIO

Grille is a common design in Japanese style, which is made of different raw materials arranged in horizontal or straight strips. asQingsongjuThe designer uses a large number of grilles on the periphery to diffuse the incoming light from different angles. Together with the staggered dark and light wood pieces inside, the changes in light and shadow create a calm and comfortable space. The grille design can not only separate the space, but also effectively introduce natural light, which can not only maintain privacy, but also increase the brightness of the overall space. The color, material, spacing, arrangement direction, etc. of the grilles can all form different styles, and the effects can be changed according to personal preferences. It is the choice of many people these days.



Improving the visual spaciousness in a limited space is a common desire in interior design. Therefore, the spacing between grilles increases the sense of space expansion. Compared with old screens or complete walls, grilles not only create space The separation also improves the space performance a lot. Grilles can simultaneously maintain the privacy of the space and increase the freshness of the air, making the air in the separated areas less dull and reducing energy waste. This is also one of the indicators of energy saving and carbon reduction in green and environmentally friendly design. Therefore, It's a great design.

The design of the grille adds a soft feeling to the space. It is no longer as rigid and cold as the previous entrance hall or screen design, but adds a sense of vastness and ease in the space.

2. Grille used on door panels



When it comes to the choice of sliding doors or door panels, grilles are also a very common design. When you want to maintain space separation while maintaining mobility, grille sliding doors are a very useful object. It is not limited to the inconvenience of fixed door panels and can be adjusted as needed. The grille also has good air permeability. When used as a door, the storage cabinet will not be affected by Taiwan's humid environment and has a good breathable space. There is no need to worry about items becoming moldy or smelling.

▲Design: Architect Johan Tran Photo by Phuongcostello


▲Design: Sixseven Studio


▲Design:Pierre Jeanneret


▲Design: SPACEMEN Photography by Min Chen Xuan

3. Ceiling/suspended ceiling

 Using grilles as a suspended ceiling or ceiling design not only allows some messy items such as wires and pipes to be stored in the ceiling, but also avoids direct sunlight, reduces the generation of ultraviolet rays and heat, and is also energy-saving. One of the green and environmentally friendly designs that reduces carbon emissions. The design of the grille also adds a sense of clarity to life.

Qingsongju Photo: B-STUDIO


▲Design: Sixseven Studio

B-STUDIO uses grilles to design a comfortable space

B-Studio takes "people" as the design concept, and its service scope is very wide, covering: office design, factory interior design, factory design, self-construction, etc. It has won many international awards and is recognized by customers.

B-Studio's design responds to the needs of the owners, and coordinates with the local climate, wind direction, sunshine, and four-season planning, using professional knowledge and attitude to create their own dream space. If you have any needs or questions, you can come hereConsultation and contact!


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