How to choose a retirement home? Understand the conditions and functions of retirement homes, rooms and furniture suitable for seniors

How to choose a retirement home? Understand the conditions and functions of retirement homes, rooms and furniture suitable for seniors


Due to advances in medical treatment and technology, the average life expectancy of Taiwanese people has been extended and is expected to reach 2025.Super Aged Society. The issue of elderly care has become an issue that modern people attach great importance to, and many people also consider it when purchasing real estate.Consider whether it can be used as a retirement home in the future. But do you know how to find a retirement home that’s right for you? Today I am going to share with you the conditions, conditions and selection methods of retirement homes, and tell you how to provide a safe and perfect home environment for the elderly starting from furniture and room modifications!


How to choose a good retirement home? Understand the necessary conditions first


Choosing a retirement home that's right for you can be difficult, so you should do your homework before looking at a home to avoid making mistakes. Next, I will share with you some principles that you should pay attention to when choosing a retirement home:


Retirement home location and functions

First of all, the location of the retirement home is very important. It is best to start looking for it near the place where you originally lived. Not only does it not take time to adapt again, but if an emergency occurs and there is no family around, you can also find familiar neighbors as soon as possible. help. In terms of location, compared to quiet suburbs, it is recommended to find urban areas with convenient transportation.

The living functions of a retirement home cannot be ignored. Here are some basic necessary conditions for reference:

  • Nearby hospitals:As time goes by, we become older, accompanied by various major and minor ailments and an increasingly fragile body. A slight fall may cause serious wounds. Only when you live close to medium and large hospitals can you be prepared for accidents. Emergency medical treatment.
  • Nearby markets:It is recommended that you live in an area close to traditional markets or supermarkets for easy shopping for daily necessities.
  • Close to places where you can exercise:The body's mobility decreases as we age, so it is even more important to move your muscles and bones every day to avoid rapid joint degeneration. Sports resources include: parks, courts, bicycle trails, swimming pools, gyms, dance studios, etc.


Interior design is also important!

In addition to the location and surrounding living functions, the interior decoration of the retirement home is also a factor that must be considered! When purchasing a retirement home, you must pay special attention to:

interior decoration elementsSpecial Note
Adequate lightingSleep quality will gradually decline with age, and you may even have difficulty falling asleep or lack of sleep. Therefore, you should choose to avoid darkrooms, choose a house with enough windows, and maintain a regular life by experiencing the obvious alternation of day and night to keep your body, mind and soul healthy.
good ventilateTaiwan is in a humid environment, and many windowless houses cause mold and bacteria to grow on indoor walls. Open windows to allow air circulation, avoid moisture accumulation, and maintain good health.
Color matchingColor can have a certain impact on people's psychology. When you enter the stage of retirement, exaggerated colors of decoration and furniture are no longer suitable. Calming gray and brown are the best choices. It is recommended to try to choose furniture with warm wood tones (such as floors, storage cabinets), or incorporate gray-scale stone textures into the walls to create a natural, indifferent and warm atmosphere.



Home safety for the elderly cannot be ignored! Design a space suitable for retirement


In addition to the decoration design mentioned above, the first and most important issue is "safety". When we gradually feel that we have difficulty moving, some small design ideas at home can help us live:


Furniture suitable for the elderly

When purchasing furniture, you should consider whether it is convenient for your movements. Take "bed" as an example. It has become increasingly difficult for the elderly to get in and out of bed. Therefore, when purchasing bedding, you need to consider the "bed surface". "No more than 60 centimeters from the ground" is the main consideration criterion. In addition to purchasing friendly-designed furniture, it is also necessary to process the existing furniture. For example, adding soft and comfortable carpets to the floor will warm the body when moving around the home. Some storage cabinets have sharp corners that can be sharpened by sharpening them. Rounding the corners or adding foam pads can improve the safety of the living environment.


Transform the moving line design

Indoor circulation is a university subject, and the basic principles of space planning are:Keep the design as open as possible. The following provides you with several directions for moving line transformation:

Moreover, the corridor connecting the bedroom should not be too long. It is best for the bedroom to be adjacent to the living room and dining room. It is also recommended that indoor door leaves be in the form of sliding doors, and they are barrier-free designs without thresholds, which can improve the smoothness of movement. In addition, adding handrails and guide lights to the edge of the bed in a timely manner can also prevent dangers.

Transformation directionDetailed description
Make the walkway widerThe width of the walkway should be 80-140 centimeters to maintain a certain spaciousness to facilitate the passage of walkers or wheelchairs.
Shorten the route from the bedroom to the living roomConsidering the physical load, the corridor connecting the bedroom should not be too long. It is best to make the room adjacent to the guest room and dining room to reduce unnecessary waste of space.
Leave only necessary furniture on the moving lineReduce unnecessary furniture that affects circulation, and place some seats or lounge chairs to create a space for resting.
Use sliding doors to reduce mobility barriersWhen planning the design to reduce the threshold, consider using a more convenient sliding door, so that in the event of an accident, you will not be trapped because the door cannot be opened.


Indispensable safety auxiliary facilities for retirement homes

The elderly cannot withstand collisions and falls, so it is absolutely necessary to set up relevant safety facilities. In addition to ensuring that storage cabinets have rounded corners as mentioned earlier, handles and anti-slip patches should be added to walkways, bathrooms, stair spaces and other places. Choose skin-friendly wooden flooring and match it with soft carpets to reduce damage caused by collisions. These are all essential elements when designing a retirement home.

After reading the above article, do you feel troubled by the fact that there are many things to consider when buying a retirement home and it is difficult to find a perfect house? In fact, you have a better choice!


The B-Studio team creates a comfortable and exclusive retirement home for you


B-Studio has more than ten years of service experience in the industry. It can handle everything from building exterior to interior design and provide integrated space planning services. Every project B-Studio makes is to prepare for the future, especially in the planning of retirement homes. It also pays attention to design concepts and considers the needs of customers to create several unique and exclusive retirement spaces. If you have any retirement home needs, welcomecontact us, we will provide you with relevant services as soon as possible!



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