[Office Design and Decoration] The world's No. 1 GOOGLE office creative design! 5 tips to create the happiest and most efficient office space design!

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The design of the office reflects today's ever-changing work environment. As the world's number one search engine, Google is world-renowned for its unique office decoration design! In addition to all the professional equipment, there are also playground-like slides, cable cars, and many free Food, create the happiest and most efficient workplace! If you also want to create a good working environment, follow GOOGLE to use 5 methods to create a popular office space! 


More flexible workspace – effectively improve the work efficiency of all employees


Flexible workspaces reduce wall barriers and encourage employees to exchange ideas, promote innovation, and better engage in work. In addition to the open space design, it is also built to allow the height and tilt of the monitor to be calibrated based on personal preferences by just sensing the work ID, and the nearby temperature can also be adjusted.

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▲ An office desk that automatically adjusts the device according to personal preferences photo: The New York Times

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Composite desks, conference rooms, gathering spaces, coffee areas, and rest areas create a comfortable environment, allowing employees to freely and flexibly choose work areas according to different work natures, thereby working more comfortably and improving work efficiency.

office furnitureBe flexible


The wall and air-conditioning system, which are the most difficult to flexibly adjust in office design, can be moved according to usage scenarios through the movable wall and overhead fabric ventilation system developed by Google, and each seat can control the direction and air volume. With its ergonomic design, the space is comfortable and easy to move around. If privacy is required for a meeting, robots that detect their surroundings will inflate cellophane balloons to form walls to prevent distractions. Suitable for any work environment.

▲ Ventilation duct design that can be easily moved photo: The New York Times

▲ Cellophane balloon inflatable wall photo: The New York Times

Return to the office after the epidemic slows down - the combination of digital and physical


Affected by the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, working in office spaces may pose a risk of infection. Therefore, in the design, due to the emphasis on avoiding or reducing person-to-person contact (Contactless), Google uses "Team Pods" design instead of rows of desks and conference rooms. Movable chairs, tables, and whiteboards can be used for various activities. Arranged in a style, the Campfire conference room is designed for people working remotely from home. On-site participants conduct discussions through video conferencing, giving the office a communication field and easier adjustment. It is suitable for today's more flexible work spaces and can meet all needs. Different types of work. At the same time, the parking lot and lawn area have been transformed into outdoor work areas. There are clusters of tables, chairs, and conference areas under the California resort-style open-air tents. The most advanced video conferencing equipment is used to minimize human contact. Reducing the risk of droplet infection and making offices safer are key strategies for reopening offices.

▲Campfire conference room allows video conference participants to communicate at eye level with on-site participants photo: The New York Times

▲Outdoor work space photo: The New York Times

Fun office- Like an office in a resort center


Google creates playground-like perfect workspaces for its employees, inspiring creativity in every workspace from hallways and decorations to paint colors - Jungle Office (Dublin), Campervan Office Space (Netherlands), Cable Car Conversation Zone (Switzerland), the park is filled with game rooms, shower rooms, gyms, swimming pools, volleyball courts and other facilities to create the happiest and most efficient workplace!

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"Inspirational collision" office - generating cross-department brainstorming and interaction


Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google: "No one should be 200 feet (60 meters) away from food." Restaurants, cafes, and cafeterias are located among different departments. This "accidental collision" brings colleagues closer. The camaraderie among employees, and the fact that Google’s New York office has many well-known slow elevators, corridors and stairwells that facilitate employee connectivity, allow colleagues from different departments to engage in unexpected cross team brain storming or interaction. Friendly working environment.


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▲ Google office photo:

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