Let Feng Shui bring you good luck, and these seven designs are not afraid of taboos

Japanese architect Iri Tomo said: "It is impossible to create a comfortable home without designing even the things that are invisible to the naked eye."

(Japanese architectYilizhi 1959Born in Okinawa,GraduatedTokyoart universityGraduate School of Fine Artsarchitecture)

Feng shui is the invisible design specification. The word "feng shui" first appeared in "The Burial Sutra": "gasIf it rides on the wind, it will disperse; if it is bounded by water, it will stop. The ancients said that when people gather, they will not disperse, and when they move, they will stop. Therefore, it is called Feng Shui. "Ancient Feng Shui was mostly used fortownandvillagesite selection, andpalaceconstruction, later developed into findingfuneralterrain.Feng shui isQinChineseBeginning with the folkAlchemyconnect withfive artsofLife,predict, phases are all related, and it is also said that the basic composition comes from "I Ching"ofhexagram, divided into janitor, main, and stoveYangzhaiPhysiognomy and seeingghost houseThe current name of the phase method and so onmetaphysicsNumber of spellsoffolk beliefs.(Partially taken from Wikipedia)

▲Design:Student work by Carolyn Ciafardoni

As the saying goes, "One fate, two fortunes, and three feng shui."Going with the wind and flowing water is Feng Shui. "Wind" represents the magnetic field, while "water" represents flow and change, reminding people that they should comply with the conditions of nature instead of going against it, so that they can follow the trend and become a good house.Feng Shui is not just a superstition, it is a theory confirmed through the philosophy of nature and practical applications. Many taboos in Feng Shui can actually be changed through layout changes, furnishings, accessories, etc.Space and Feng Shui can be connected together at the same time, making people's stay comfortable and satisfying.

Top ten Feng Shui taboos:

Tianyu Street  Design/Photo: B-STUDIO

The living room is a space for entertaining relatives, friends, and guests. It is also an area where the family can gather together to relax and talk. Therefore, Feng Shui pursues bright halls and dark rooms. Translucent lighting can make people feel the energy as soon as they enter, and a good aura can also Gather wealth. The bedroom is a private space for rest, and the light should be soft and dim. You can use curtains with strong blackout properties to enhance privacy, relax the mind, reduce the impact of light pollution, and avoid light interfering with sleep.

two,   Bring ventilation and wealth together

The ventilation of the space represents wealth in Feng Shui. If the indoor air is ventilated, the body will be refreshed and the wealth will be smooth. When the living room has transparent lighting, at the same timemoving airflowSmooth, making it difficult for bad energy to accumulate and ushering in good magnetic field luck.

3. The door should not face the stairs, kitchen, toilet, or corridor.

Zhongshan Liuzhai  Design/Photo: B-STUDIO

1. The main door should not be facing the stairs:

In Feng Shui, stairs are spaces for receiving and sending Qi. The best position is to place the stairs against the wall, and it is taboo to place them in the middle. This is equivalent to dividing the home into two, which can lead to disharmony between the couple and even quarrels. Another situation is when the stairs are facing the door, health problems will occur.

Benevolence Gift Collection  Design/Photo: B-STUDIO

2. Don’t see the kitchen through the front door:

As soon as the door is opened, you will see bad luck in the restaurant and kitchen.The kitchen is regarded as the treasury of the home in Feng Shui, so opening the door and seeing the kitchen is a Feng Shui taboo for "leaking wealth".

3. Avoid facing the toilet:

The toilet is an area that generates filthy gas, so the door cannot face the toilet, and the bedroom door and toilet door cannot face each other.

4.The door faces the corridor and the Heart Piercer:

As soon as you enter the door, you will see that the corridor is in the pattern of a sword through the heart. The longer the corridor, the more detrimental it is to the home. It is also taboo to have a layout like a hotel corridor with several rooms connected. It is easy for affairs and elopements to occur, and all kinds of troubles at home will be constant.

5. The door directly faces the window, back door, and floor-to-ceiling windows:

The main door is facing the window, back door, floor-to-ceiling windows, etc. The "qi" will escape from the other door and window as soon as you enter the door, so it is not easy to collect the Qi and make money. You can set up an entrance cabinet or screen in front of the door to improve this feng shui deficiency.

6. The door is exposed to great disadvantages:

Chongqing Li Zhai
Design/Photo: B-STUDIO

Mirrors have the function of exorcising evil and avoiding evil, and can reflect various auras. Therefore, when you open the door and see the mirror, it will reflect your own auspiciousness, because such a design can easily cause shock if the lighting is dim.

Four,   The taboo on doors is "door to door". Each door in the houseCannot be relative:

"Xiangshumen" and "Douguosha" are the clashes between two gates facing each other, which can easily lead to disputes.

5. The bathroom and toilet are at the end of the corridor:

The bathroom and toilet cannot be installed at the end of the corridor in the house, but should be installed next to the corridor.

6. Do not place the bathroom in the middle of the palace:

Feng shui can divide the layout of the home into "nine palaces".The bathroom and toilet in the house should not be placed in the "middle palace" of the house. Because the middle palace is the heart of the family, it cannot bePlacing a dirty space like the bathroom above will bring health concerns to your family.

7. The kitchen and bathroom doors are connected:

If the toilet door is adjacent to the kitchen door, the toilet door should be closed at all times to prevent the filthy air from flowing out. If the bathroom door and the kitchen door are opposite to each other, they are incompatible with water and fire. It is best to stagger them or cover them with door curtains.

8. Be careful with kitchen stoves:

If a stove is installed between the refrigerator and the sink (two water and one fire) or the sink is between the stove and a microwave oven, electric pot, oven, etc. (two fires and one water), the cooking process will not be smooth, and the heat source of the appliance will also cause influence, resulting in poor performance of the refrigerator. Moreover, the kitchen stove represents fire, and the refrigerator and sink represent water. Feng Shui considers the two to be incompatible, so avoid eliminating evil spirits.

9. Mirrors add space energy:

 Mirrors are a commonly used option in interior design to increase space, using the principle of refraction to enlarge the space. The mirror has the function of doubling energy in Feng Shui, and also has the function of exorcising evil spirits and avoiding evil. However, avoid hanging mirrors behind the sofa, and do not point the mirror toward the bed or room door to avoid being frightened by refraction.

Decorilla designer, Mladen C.

10. It’s hard to sleep well with a beam at the head of the bed :

Beams on the bed are a taboo in Feng Shui. From a psychological point of view, beams and columns will create an invisible sense of oppression, which can easily affect sleep. You can change the position of the bed, or use interior design to hide the beams and columns.

"Don't" exaggerate and misinterpret Feng Shui taboos, "Don't" take literal meanings, "Don't" listen to nonsense, "there is no" perfect Feng Shui, follow the three no-one principles of home "Feng Shui", and use design and furnishings to resolve various taboos. You can create a good Feng Shui house that seeks good luck and avoids bad luck!

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