What is carbon fiber reinforcement? How to help old houses be strengthened?

What is carbon fiber reinforcement? How to help old houses be strengthened?


TaiwanearthquakeFrequently, old houses may besoil liquefactionAffect the safety of the house.National Earthquake Engineering Research CenterExplain that seismic reinforcement construction methods can be roughly divided into: reinforcing building structural elements and improving building structural systems.andCarbon fiberIt is a common engineering material for house reinforcement.. Therefore, before we collect information on reinforcing old houses, we must first understand the production methods and grades of carbon fiber, the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber, as well as carbon fiber specifications and carbon fiber hardness, which will help us understand the importance of reinforcing old houses. Want to know what carbon fiber is used for? Then read along with this article.


Carbon fiber isPolyacrylonitrile (PAN)oroil,coalby-productsasphaltFormed by heating and carbonization treatment, the composition of 90% iscarbonatom. Carbon fiber diameter is about 5~10 microns, withEpoxy resinComposite materials are new technological products synthesized by chemical reactions and can be divided into the following three series.


carbon fiber production

Production Features

Carbon fiber features

Carbon fiber use cases

Luoyang series

Can form special porous carbon fibers

Good thermal stability and lowest yield

Filtration materials for chemical coats

Asphalt system

Can form high modulus carbon fiber

Cheap, rich in sources, second in yield

Aerospace materials, bicycles

Polyacrylonitrile series

Carbon fiber mainPrecursor,high strength

Cheap, rich in sources, second in yield

Aerospace materials, bicycles

Carbon fiber production method

The following is the carbon fiber production process.

  1. Crude oil refining light oil
  2. light oillysisAcrylic
  3. Acrylic vs.AmmoniaReacts to form acrylonitrile
  4. Acrylonitrile is combined and polymerized to form acrylonitrile fiber
  5. Acrylonitrile raw filaments are stabilized, carbonized and fired into carbon fibers at high temperatures.

Advantages of carbon fiber

The following are the advantages of carbon fiber.

  • Lightweight: Under the same conditions, it is half lighter than steel and one-third lighter than aluminum alloy.
  • High strength: Rigid and strong, higher in strength than iron, good in toughness, and easy to weave processed products.
  • High stability: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to expand, long service life.
  • Good thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Good affinity: Carbon fiber is often paired with resin to make processed products.
  • Versatility: Composite materials can be made into a variety of finished products.

Disadvantages of carbon fiber

The following are the disadvantages of carbon fiber.

  • High cost: The production and recycling process is complex and the cost is high.
  • Poor ductility: Poor plasticity and cannot be repaired after impact.

Introduction to carbon fiber grade and hardness, and what are its specifications?


As a metal material, carbon fiber is classified into carbon fiber grades based on tensile strength and tensile modulus. The introduction is as follows:





Tensile Strength

Strength to weight ratio MPa/(g/)

The higher the strength, the less likely it is to break.

Tensile modulus

Rigidity to weight ratio GPa/(g/)

The higher the modulus, the less likely it is to be deformed by force.

Taking Toray, a Japanese carbon fiber supplier, as an example, it uses T values and M values to describe carbon fiber grades. The higher the number, the better the rigidity or strength. Taiwan often uses the K number to represent carbon fiber specifications. The K number refers to how many single-filament carbon fibers there are in a bundle of carbon fibers. The larger the K number, the thicker the carbon fiber number, but it does not necessarily mean that the larger the K number, the better the carbon fiber grade. The single carbon fiber One-way or two-way weaving texture will affect the carbon fiber hardness and how it is used.

Carbon fiber has many uses! Carbon fiber can be used in everything from tennis rackets to old house reinforcements


Although the production cost of carbon fiber is high and complicated, its lightweight, high strength and durability are all advantages of carbon fiber, and it is a new metal material with potential development. Nowadays, carbon fiber has many uses and is widely used. From the original aerospace, automobile, military, and energy fields, it has now developed into people's livelihood needs, such as sporting goods, transportation, building materials, etc.

Introduction to Laowu Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

We can inquire through the Central Geological Research Institute of the Ministry of Economic AffairsSoil liquefaction potential area, who know where they livesoil liquefactiongrade. Soil liquefaction is an issue that people living in old houses need to pay attention to. In the past, Taiwan's building regulations were not perfect. After many earthquakes, the houses became older and their earthquake resistance was not as good as before. In order to improve the safety and quality of living, it is recommended to enhance the safety of houses through carbon fiber reinforcement projects. After all, the budget for house repairs is not small. You can ask the local government orMinistry of the Interior and Construction Department’s Private Property Earthquake Resistance Information NetworkApply for a grant.

Old house enhancement process

The following is the process of using carbon fiber to reinforce old houses.

  1. Construction racks and protective measures arrive on site
  2. Remove painted walls and deal with rusty steel bars
  3. Resin and mortar brushing and leveling
  4. Epoxy resin coating, carbon fiber bonding
  5. Install steel plate or seven centimeter stone
  6. Mortar smoothing, painting and beautification

Leave it to the professional B-STUDIO architectural studio to make carbon fiber reinforcement of the old house more secure.


After understanding carbon fiber materials, I have a better understanding of the reinforcement of old houses, but construction projects still require professional judgment based on actual cases., so it needs to be carefully evaluated by a professional architectural studio. It is recommended that you can find it if you need to strengthen, rebuild or update old houses.B-Studio,B-StudioIn addition to having a professional architecture and design team, in the face of diversified design topics and the development trend of an aging society, we have continued to improve on the topic of elderly health care buildings. We are familiar with end-of-age regulations and judgment standards, and can provide you with the best Professional assessment.


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