How to renovate an old house? Let me tell you from the case, what to pay attention to when renovating an old house

House prices across Taiwan are rising day by day. Compared with newly-built houses, old houses have lower utility ratios and are more affordable. More and more people will choose to buy old houses for renovation. However, due to the age of the houses, the structure of the old houses needs to be strengthened. and pipeline configuration are all details that require more attention after purchase. The following is an analysis of old house renovation cases, and what are the precautions for renovating old houses.

3 key points in renovating old houses. Old houses can also be built into ideal homes

Old house renovation case: Tianyu Street

There are often many key points that are easily overlooked when renovating an old house. Whether it is the basic structure and pipelines, or the soft decoration project of furniture design, if you pay more attention to the details and maintain good communication and discussion with the design team, you can create an ideal home in an old house. The following will introduce you to the three key points of renovating old houses.


Basic engineering: Structural reinforcement and pipeline configuration of old houses require special attention

Basic engineering such as structure and pipelines is one of the most overlooked aspects of old medieval houses. In order to ensure the safety of the house, before starting the space planning and interior decoration project, be sure to ask the team to fully evaluate the current condition of the house, such as the bathroom waterproofing project, or the water and electricity pipelines, etc., to see if they are damaged or too old. It needs to be replaced, not only to protect your own living rights, but also to protect the safety of your family in advance.

Pattern dynamics: family needs need to be considered and interactivity improved

Passed space planning and gathering lines create smoothness and comfort in the home space. When planning the configuration, you must first consider the family situation, such asB-studio Tianyu StreetIn this case, the original layout of three bedrooms and two living rooms separated the living room and dining room, which caused the kitchen to be located too far inside and restricted lighting and ventilation. After communication and discussion with the design team, the location of the public space was adjusted to make the overall The movement lines are smoother, and parents can play with their children in a clearly visible space, without neglecting their children's safety while cooking in the kitchen.


Ventilation and lighting: expand window area and introduce natural light

Old houses may be limited by a long layout or a small space, causing problems such as dark interiors and poor air circulation. Bright colors and open spaces can make the overall feel lighter, and the window area can also be expanded. Increase exposure to natural light and improve air circulation, such asB-studio Tianyu StreetIn this case, the designer used white as the base, paired with built-in lighting on the ceiling and geometric black furniture to make the overall space look more spacious and brighter. The team also used large-area floor-to-ceiling windows to increase the natural lighting in the space. , so that there is enough light during the day without turning on the lights.


Is it expensive to renovate an old house? What subsidies and incentives does the government have?

In fact, whether it is a facelift-style renovation, structural earthquake resistance improvement, or direct house reconstruction, the government has set up relevant incentive provisions to encourage homeowners to update the appearance of their houses and improve safety.


The following is the latest urban renewal regulations from the Taipei City Urban Renewal Department:




Example content:

1. Schedule rewards: reduced year by year

109/5/12~110/5/12 Volume 8% reward

110/5/12~111/5/12 Volume 6% reward

111/5/12~112/5/12 volume 4% reward

112/5/12~113/5/12 Volume 2% reward

113/5/12~114/5/12 Volume 1% reward

No time bonus starting from 114/5/12

2. Scale rewards:

If the combined adjacent land area of a dangerous old building base reaches 200 square meters, a base volume reward of 2% will be given. For every additional 100 square meters, a base volume reward of 0/5% will be given.

(The total of time course reward and scale volume reward shall not exceed the upper limit of the base capacity of 10%.)


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For the face-lifting part, taking Taipei City as an example, in"Urban Renewal, Renovation and Maintenance Policy"As long as old houses meet the conditions for renovation, they can apply for "Exterior Wall Renovation and Repair" and receive a subsidy of up to NT$3 million.


In terms of earthquake resistance, the Ministry of the Interior has also promoted the "phased reinforcement subsidies for earthquake resistance of private buildings". Old houses have been assessed for earthquake resistance, and if they meet the conditions, they can even receive a subsidy of up to 4.5 million yuan.

B-STUDIO is the first choice for renovation of old houses, giving new life to old houses

After analyzing the above three points, I believe everyone will have a better understanding of old house renovation. From internal details to exterior design, as long as you find the right team, your old house can look like a new house!B-StudioWe have a professional architecture and design team that can assist in identifying dangerous old buildings in advance planning. Professional designers can also provide architecture, interior design and space design services to give old houses a new life. Any needs are welcome at any timecontact us, let B-Studio help you obtain old house reconstruction incentives while enjoying a high-quality home life.


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