Old house facelift gives your house new life! How much does it cost? Share successful cases of old house facelift

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When walking on the streets, do you often see shabby-looking houses, with some even showing signs of serious mottled and peeling exterior walls? According to statistics, more than 60% of the houses in Taiwan are over 20 years old. The building materials of some buildings have long since fallen off, leaving the structure exposed. In more serious cases, tiles may fall off, causing pedestrian safety problems. Houses will get older over time, but "house facelift" can give them a new look. Today I will introduce to you the definition and method of house lift, the cost of house lift, whether there are subsidies, and share the successful cases of house lift.

What is old house facelift? Three common traditional exterior wall facelift methods

In addition to making the cityscape unsightly, "old houses" may also have weakened earthquake-resistant structures and fallen building materials due to lack of maintenance, jeopardizing pedestrian safety. When evaluating and repairing old houses, in addition to the common exterior wall facelift, structural reinforcement will also be taken into consideration, so that the building can not only rearrange the exterior of the old house, enhance the quality of the building, and increase its value in the real estate market. At the same time extend the service life of the building. When it comes to exterior wall resurfacing, cement, tiles, marble, etc. are all common resurfacing building materials.

Different materials will affect the construction method of old house facelift. There are three common methods of old house facelift:Waterproof coating, tile laying method, and metal cladding.

1. Exterior wall waterproof coating peeling

The waterproof coating peeling method is suitable for use on old paint or unpainted exterior walls. When choosing waterproof coatings, you must consider the waterproofing years, whether it is suitable for the local climate, the number of years of color retention, etc. This method is usually used for peeling. The budget is low and the construction period is short, but the disadvantage is that the maintenance time is short (an average of 3-15 years, depending on the raw material grade of the paint). If the standard base treatment before the operation is not done well, the life may be as short as one Year.

2. Stone and tile paving methods

Ceramic tiles are a commonly used building material in buildings in Taiwan. Old tiles must be removed before they can be re-layed with soil and water. Usually, scaffolding is used to carry out the construction work. Although the tiling method can maintain an average durability of 15 years, this method has several disadvantages that should be noted: the overall construction period is longer, the cost is higher, and a large amount of noise, dust and other wastes will be produced during the construction period, which increases the environmental burden and disposal cost.

3. Metal iron cladding board

Metal cladding is also called iron sheet cladding. The advantages of this method are that it is moderately priced, has a moderate construction period, and has an average durability of 10 years. Its disadvantages are that the insulation effect of the iron sheet is poor and the method of fixing the iron sheet is unreliable. Taiwan's climate is relatively hot and humid, and When a typhoon comes, the iron sheets may be blown away by strong winds.

Comparison of three types of old house facelifts


Exterior paint

iron sheet



Good water resistance

Heavy rain can easily seep water

Possible waterproofing holes

construction cost




Construction period





Long service life

Depends on material

Depends on material

construction safety

less dangerous

Moderate difficulty

The most difficult construction

Is it expensive to facelift an old house? How to apply for subsidies?

The cost of exterior wall facelift includes site catalog, planning and design, payment of relevant fees, etc. The cost estimate will vary according to the condition of the house, the age of the house, the building materials selected, and the complexity of the construction method. From the table below, we can see Yes, just in terms of building materials, there is a big difference in price.

Select building materials

Old house facelift price (NTD)


2,700 – 12,000/square meter

Oil paint

3,000 – 8,000/square meter

washing stone

4,500 – 9,000/square meter

Natural Stone

6,000 – 30,000/square meter



There is no standard pricing for old house facelift, so when estimating the project, it is best to find a trusted architectural design company for evaluation, quotation and contract signing. Although the price will not change much after signing the contract, it is still recommended to reserve some factors. Additional expenses incurred due to engineering emergencies.



It turns out that old house facelifts are even more subsidized?

When it comes to urban renewal, people usually think of "tear down buildings and rebuild them", but did you know? In fact, exterior wall facelifting falls under the category of Dugeng! The following is the latest urban renewal regulations from the Taipei City Urban Renewal Department:


The amount of subsidies for exterior wall resurfacing also varies according to local government regulations. Taking Taipei City as an example,"Urban Renewal, Renovation and Maintenance Policy"The subsidy projects include "exterior wall renovation and repair". As long as the building meets the renovation conditions, exterior wall renovation can receive up to 3 million yuan in subsidies.

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