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What style will your home be? Nordic style, Muji style, and industrial style are the mainstream styles that are often heard today, but "Zen style" is actually also loved by many people, especially older people. What is Zen style? What are its design features? What kind of style will the modern Zen style created by the collision of simple Zen style and modern style look like? This article will help you understand!


What is Zen style? Introduction to Japanese style types

Japanese decoration styles are divided into four types: Japanese Zen style, Muji style andwabi sabiJapanese style, Japanese style, what are the unique elements of each style?




main color

1. Japanese Zen style

It is characterized by simplicity and uncomplicatedness. The decorative structure, color, and material selection are all based on nature, lines, and wood tones. This style gives people a calm, steady and rustic feeling.

light/dark wood tone

2. Unprinted style

With pure white and light wood tones as the main visual, combined with cotton and linen materials, the space has a clean and tidy feeling, and storage is regarded as the aesthetic feature.

light wood tone, white

3. Wabi-sabi wind

Characterized by presenting the original appearance of materials, natural and pure neutral tones are added to the space with rough-touch paint, focusing on matte colors. This style gives people a quiet, slightly Zen feeling.

Sand color, matte color, neutral color (white/beige/grey/brown)

4. Japandi style

Japanese-style Nordic style that combines Japanese style and Nordic style. Compared with wabi-sabi wind, it has more warmth and delicateness. The colors used are mainly low-chroma colors such as earth tones and Morandi colors.

Beige, khaki, milk tea, light gray, etc.


Three major spatial elements that characterize Zen style design

Japanese Zen style is influenced by Zen Buddhism, emphasizing that the space you are in can convey tranquility, nature and other quiet feelings, perfectly showing the beauty of the East. In order to integrate the natural landscape concept design into the interior design, the most representative ones are the gardening design and the tatami Japanese room. We have integrated the three major space design features of Zen style design for everyone:

  1. Space Element 1|Use lines to present a sense of calmness

Use simple line design to separate the spatial layering, such as through wooden grilles,shoji gateThe light and shadow changes caused by the light shining into the space give the overall feeling of orderliness, simplicity and restraint. Usually line designs are done on ceilings, light partitions, sliding doors, TV walls, etc.

  1. Space Element 2|Building materials and elements derived from nature

The Zen style design concept mainly comes from nature, so the building materials are also taken from nature, such as wood, stone, tatami, bamboo, plants, etc., so that the indoor and outdoor scenery can be integrated and the space can be extended. Popular indoor plants such as rich coconut, fiddleleaf fig, turtle taro, pine and cypress, etc., transplant the traditional Japanese garden landscaping indoors, exuding a strong Japanese style.

  1. Space element three|Light and dark wood tones

In order to match the appearance of natural building materials, dark and light wood colors are often used as the main tone, combined with gray and milky white. In the details, different materials (such as large mirrors and marble tiles) can be used to combine and collide to create a modern Zen style.

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