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Dream residence

Self-built on siteIt is the client's dream after entering the social work. Engaging in the professional field will build a solid dream step by step, just like choosingClear water mold buildingAs a lifelong residence, it requires a certain persistence in life to accept this simple and unpretentious material, and it requires careful planning and careful construction of architectural works of art. I'm honored to have the full trust of my clients. It took ten years from the idea of buying the land, working hard to save money, to the realization of the construction. However, the design communication and discussion was just to put forward the requirements and respect the professional advice, from the outside to the inside.overall space planning, creating a unique clear water mold that belongs to themDream come trueResidential.



Located in the southern district of Taichung, there are mostly low sky-high buildings nearby. It is adjacent to neighboring houses to the east, private lanes to the west and south, and Lin's Ancestral Temple, a third-level historic site, to the north. In the urban texture, living in seclusion in the alleys of archways, but facing a large courtyard building, formingThe dialogue between traditional architecture and modern architecture.

Dialogue between fiction and reality

Configuration The building configuration corresponds to the azimuth sunlight andLandscape will be virtual grilleThe driveway courtyard remains on the west side and forms a stable structure with the square solid body on the north side. The main body of the clear water mold combined with the steel grille forms a volumetric dialogue relationship between one virtual and one solid, and blocks the western sun, providing a comfortable outdoor activity space to achieve the goal ofVentilation, shading and framing effect.


Dialogue on the traditional spirit of modern construction methods

Staff spirit Facing the red brick building of Lin's Ancestral Temple, which is a Minnan quadrangle with exquisite craftsmanship, the modern clear water molding method that is low-key but requires precise craftsmanship is used to show the spirit of modern craftsmen. Beforehand, you need to fully discuss the residential and living requirements, confirm all space dimensions and socket switch positions, review all equipment and pipelines, and consider all possibilities beforehand. Just like a life-long craftsman, you need to focus on and professionally do every detail to achieve the goal. Just like a window hole on the facade corresponds to a unit on the bookshelf in the master bedroom.


Dialogue between behavior and form

Open your mouth     The opening design corresponding to the use of space is used to present a low-key and humble architectural expression. Considering the use of space, public spaces use large windows to face the window view to enjoy ventilation and lighting; but small openings are used in private spaces to observe the city.Box KingEffect.

Dialogue between sky and green

landscape     A little bit of greenery in the city: The stairwell that runs through the building is a vertical passage that provides ventilation and lighting. It is also the best scenery for the swaying green light and shadow on the upper and lower floors.


The completion of a complete architectural work requires the designer’s persistence and the client’s trust and support, both in thisMold with clear water  Houseget the most perfect practice.


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