Lighting and ventilation have many benefits, six designs to easily fight the epidemic

Le CorbusierLe CorbusierBelieve that light and air have medicinal properties.

(Le CorbusierHe is the father of modern architecture, a Swiss and French architect, interior designer, sculptor and painter.20One of the most important architects of the century.)

Kirby (Le Corbusier, 1887-1965)

since2019The new coronavirus has spread across the world since the beginning of the year, and as of2022Year5The month has passed5Hundreds of millions of people have been infected, and many countries have also been deeply affected by this epidemic. People, lives, jobs, economies, etc. have all been affected. Seeing that this war "epidemic" does not know when it will subside, we can only learn from this. Learning gradually coexists with the virus. The road to fighting the "epidemic" is still far away. How can we fight against the unpredictable virus war with peace of mind and ease? What designs can help fight the epidemic? The following six home anti-epidemic designs are provided to provide a comfortable living environment while resisting the virus.

1. Ventilation entrance, cloakroom

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The entrance is the first area into the home, so the air permeability in this area will also affect the entire home. If the air circulation is poor, it may cause the accumulation of bacteria and viruses. In addition, some daily clothes do not need regular cleaning, such as thicker coats, guest coats, bags, etc. These are very suitable to be placed in the entrance cloakroom to reduce the risk of bringing bacteria and viruses into the home. risk.

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2. Bright and open plan

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Light helps relax the body and mind and improves immunity to fight viruses. Therefore, bright lighting can keep the body and mind in a healthy state. For example, sunlight can promote the production of vitamin D in the body, and when sunlight enters our brain through the optic nerve, it can increase people's serotonin, thus giving people a sense of satisfaction and improving their mood. On the contrary, if you are in a state of insufficient sunlight exposure for a long time, you are likely to feel depressed or even depressed, and develop mental illness. Therefore, the light source in the home is also one of the important elements in the fight against the epidemic. Open spaces or highly permeable partition materials can help improve the lighting in the home.

(According to a health magazine article, White House epidemic prevention adviser Anthony Fauci once publicly stated that a lack of vitamin D will affect the body’s ability to resist infection.)

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3. Imitation water mold paint, diatomaceous earth, celite, resistant to scrubbing

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The first and most important thing to fight against the epidemic is cleaning and disinfection. Therefore, the materials of various furniture items at home are very important. For example, you can choose imitation water mold paint or diatomaceous earth for walls, which are resistant to cleaning and are not easy to breed bacteria and viruses. Or you can choose celite, which is also wear-resistant and easy to clean, helping with anti-epidemic disinfection procedures. In addition, you can also choose paints with antibacterial effects, such as some manufacturers offering antibacterial children's paints. These all help to improve the attachment of bacteria and viruses in the air to your home.


4. Filtration, dehumidification, and clean ventilation 

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Some houses have insufficient air circulation due to the distance between the buildings or their orientation. At this time, you can consider installing an indoor air-conditioning ventilator, which can help filter out bad substances and bacteria and viruses in the air, and help regulate humidity. . Because if the humidity is too high, the number of mites and mold will increase, while if the humidity is too low, viruses and bacteria will increase. Therefore, humidity regulation is also a very important key to fighting the epidemic.

5. Antibacterial material, nano silver ions

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According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, the COVID-19 virus can survive on plastic and steel materials for up to 72 hours. (SARS-CoV-2 was more stable on plastic and stainless steel than on copper and cardboard, and viable virus was detected up to 72 hours after application to these surfaces.)( The NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL of MEDICIN)

Therefore, the materials of household products can also be carefully selected to facilitate the fight against the epidemic. Nowadays, many manufacturers have launched products with antibacterial materials, such as toilets, tiles, silver ion bedding, antibacterial leather fabrics, etc. These have been specially processed and are not easy for bacteria and viruses to adhere, so they are very suitable for use at home. .

6. Zero-contact design, AI smart home appliances

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In addition to droplets, the new coronavirus is transmitted through droplets. The virus can also attach to doorknobs, switches, etc. Therefore, in addition to washing hands and disinfecting frequently, you should try to minimize touching objects to prevent the virus from entering the eyes, mouth, and nose through your hands and causing infection. Smart sensor lights, automatic doors, proximity cards, etc. can all reduce the risk of contact infection.

It is not easy to fight the epidemic during the period. We are always on tenterhooks when we are outside. There are too many factors that are beyond our control. We can only go out as little as possible to reduce the risk of infection. Therefore, being able to relax and fight the epidemic at home is something we can easily control. Let us fight the epidemic comfortably together. Get through the tough times.


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