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Engineering and Development Specialist


  • Job Description:

1. Collection, evaluation and cost analysis of engineering equipment and materials data.

2. Establishment of manufacturer database. Update supplier profiles such as quotes, specifications and attributes to select the best supplier.

3. Procurement outsourcing and estimating operations.

4. Carry out budget cost control and audit, estimation and pricing review.

5. Project budget execution review and settlement and other related internal work.

6. Project addition and subtraction review.

7. Execute ordering operations according to the inventory of goods and commodities.

8. Handle procurement issues where goods are lost or delayed.

9. Carry out acceptance inspection to confirm the quality and specifications of the goods.

10. Carry out reimbursement operations regularly and organize relevant forms (such as requisition forms, acceptance forms, purchase orders).

11. Execute tasks assigned by supervisor

  • Job remuneration: Negotiable
  • Educational requirements: College, university
  • Department requirements: Interior art related, business management related, architecture related
  • Good at tools: Excel/Project/AutoCAD
  • Work skills: Budget preparation and cost control/Design, implementation and assessment of internal audit and internal control system/Account review and accounting audit/Review report operation process/Application for interior decoration completion inspection operation/Application for interior decoration drawing review operation/Issuance of contract bids Production/Tender production and management/Project estimation and pricing/Project budget preparation and control/Interior design cost estimation
  • Other conditions: Good at communication and coordination and team spirit!

Interior works engineer


  • Job Description:

1,Responsible for site supervision, personnel dispatch, project subcontracting arrangements and business processing.

2. In accordance with the project budget, prepare the contract bidding form and organize the drawings and descriptions.

3. Assist in measuring dimensions, drawing, checking drawing data, and responsible for drawing file management.

4. Responsible for various administrative tasks (such as file management, quotation, payment request).

5. Responsible for integrating design/engineering/progress

6. Customer service and maintenance.

  • Job remuneration: Negotiable
  • Educational requirements: College, university
  • Department requirements: Landscape design related, other architecture and urban planning related, interior art related
  • Good tools: Project/AutoCAD
  • Work skills: Construction site administration-related report production/project coordination and problem handling/project management/supervision daily report filling/construction site project audit and acceptance/project construction supervision and management/project management-quality management/project acceptance data management/repair progress tracking and management /Project Estimation and Pricing/Project Budget Preparation and Control/Project Bid Estimation

In-house project designer


  • Job Description:

1. Through professional interior design planning, we help owners realize the imagination and feeling of their future home space and evaluate its feasibility.

2. In line with the needs of the owners or make better suggestions, review and plan the functions of the indoor space to maximize the efficiency or meet the individual needs of the owners.

3. Assist the owner to choose decoration materials, curtains, furniture and accessories to integrate the overall indoor style design and create a more comfortable home feeling.

4. Draw decoration construction drawings as construction guidelines and acceptance standards for construction personnel.

5. Prepare construction estimates and coordinate construction with manufacturers.

6. Those who have supreme enthusiasm for interior/architectural space design.

7. Able to work independently and carefully

  • Job benefits: Monthly salary 40,000 yuan ~ 50,000 yuan (fixed or variable salary varies depending on personal qualifications or performance)
  • Educational requirements: College, university, master's degree
  • Department requirements: Architecture-related, interior art-related, landscape design-related
  • Language requirements: English (listening: somewhat understood, speaking: somewhat understood, reading: somewhat understood, writing: somewhat understood)
  • Good tools: Windows XP/Windows 7/PowerPoint/3ds Max/Rhino/Adobe Photoshop/AutoCAD/Sketch up
  • Work skills: Drawing 2D/3D mold design drawings/design expression ability
  • Related licenses: Interior design professionals/interior decoration
  • Others: The company provides a good working environment and project design bonuses.

We sincerely welcome new people who are ambitious and passionate about design to join our team and work together and grow with the company.

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