[2024 Interior Design Style] Subtractive living is the rule! Use Japanese simple unprinted style and Nordic simple style to create a simple and light life exclusive to you!

 "Less is more" is the essence of minimalist design! Nowadays, minimalist design has become one of the popular styles in interior design. MuJi, a Japanese home brand with simple and functional design, brings Japanese simplicity to the forefront. Design trends. The famous Nordic minimalist design IKEA style, which is also comfortable and simple, not only pays attention to simple design, but also advocates naturalness and spatial transparency! The definition of minimalist style is rich and diverse. Let us take a look at the various aspects of minimalist design below. Let’s form it!

Simple style definition  


Less is more - is a design concept proposed by the German modern architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. It simplifies the design, gives priority to the core functions of the space, reproduces the "original face" of the space, and uses form to , space, materials, details and simple forms of neutral tones to present a better design, leaving the most real and precious part of the space to achieve an elegant and concise beauty like poetry.


What are the characteristics of minimalist design?

  • less is more
  • Pay attention to space function
  • Clean and neat lines
  • solid neutral tones
  • natural lighting
  • carefully chosen
  • open layout

Japanese simple style-Muji style 


Japanese-style homes are dominated by fresh home styles, among which the clean and simple design of Muji style is widely loved. The concept of "less is more" and simple design are combined with the comfort of "Zen" The sense of pressure further brings the simple style of home into the home, creating a comfortable space to relieve stress!


What are the characteristics of Japanese minimalist style?

  • Soft neutral colors - white, light cream, light gray tones and light wood
  • Natural lighting - simple space layout, does not block the light, so that there is enough light in the home
  • Light wood floor - neat lines make the space free, smooth, spacious and bright
  • Wooden grilles - lines such as bamboo curtains or blinds can adjust the light exposure and diffuse the incoming light, making it more comfortable.
  • Multi-functional furniture - use shelves on the wall to add storage space to the facade, systematic shelves or built-in wooden boxes to make the space more consistent and concise

▲ P+P Design/Photo: empty studio

▲ P+P Design/Photo: empty studio

What is the definition of Nordic minimalist style?


Nordic minimalist style is inspired by nature and combines comfort and practicality. While maintaining practical functions, the home space can also maintain excellent comfort and uniqueness to create a relaxed and stress-free home space. Extremely popular among interior design styles!


What are the characteristics of Nordic simplicity?


  • Neutral Colors - Soft neutral colors that make people feel relaxed and calm
  • Multifunctional and practical furniture - such as tables and benches with storage functions
  • Drawing inspiration from nature - extensive use of wooden materials and showing the natural texture of wooden elements
  • Less is more – simple silhouettes and clean lines
  • Comfortable atmosphere - using a lot of natural materials, such as thick cotton, linen and cloth materials
  • Environmental protection and low pollution - caring for the earth is based on the premise of protecting the environment, and only sustainable and environmentally friendly materials are used
  • Natural lighting - Let natural light enter your home through large windows, and you can also introduce outdoor beauty
  • Geometric elements - Pattern is one of the elements in Nordic culture. Appropriate use will highlight the characteristics of the space.

▲Design:Steimle Architekten Photo:Brigida González

▲Design:Steimle Architekten Photo:Brigida González

The definition of modern minimalist design


The modern minimalist design style is a design style that is simple and reduces decoration. The space is mainly open and bright, naturally bringing in outdoor light, and using simple and neat furniture to express the unique fashion beauty of the space.


What are the characteristics of modern simplicity?

  • Simple form and function - clean, modern furniture
  • Open space - living room and dining room, expanding the space with an open layout
  • Cladding and wall coverings - simple textures and characterizing spaces
  • Main colors are black, white and gray

▲ Design: Kanstantsin Remez Photo: home-designing.com

▲ Design: Kanstantsin Remez Photo: home-designing.com

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