[2024 Living Room Design Trends] The 8 most popular design points! Easily create a new home atmosphere with perfect comfort!

The living room is a space where we spend most of the day. Affected by the epidemic in 2022, people can only reduce the opportunities to go out, making the living room the center of daily life, including home theaters and small gatherings. If If you want to transform your living room into a new image in the New Year, please take a look at the 7 hot trends in living room design in 2022, so that you can easily create a new atmosphere in your home that is full of comfort and full of vitality!

1. Modern Nordic style living room


Nordic style emphasizes the original texture of natural materials and is mainly composed of clean lines, white space, simple modern furniture, wooden modulation products, open spaces and simple decoration. The main colors are light neutral tones, such as white, gray and beige. The design combines comfort and practicality, allowing the home space to maintain excellent comfort and uniqueness while maintaining practical functions. sense to create a relaxing and stress-relieving living room space.


▲Tianyu Street Design/Photo: B-STUDIO

2. Comfortable minimalist style


The design will be simplified, giving priority to the core functions of the space. It will be composed of concrete, glass, stainless steel, wood, stone and other materials. The focus will be on comfort and functional space, presenting a simple aesthetic with a minimalist approach. , perfect for an open living room design filled with natural light. Or transform your home with a minimalist style that combines bold prints with colorful geometric patterns and layers of luxe textures to create a contrasting, statement aesthetic.


▲Qing Shui Fu Design/Photo: B-STUDIO

3.natural lighting/illumination


In the living room, light plays a role in increasing illumination and adjusting the environmental atmosphere. Natural light is allowed in through large floor-to-ceiling windows, making the room visually comfortable and saving energy. For lighting, simple lamps with soft lighting can be used to shape the light. The layered space atmosphere creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere in the home.

b-studio 天母豪宅

▲Zhongshan Yang Design/Photo: B-STUDIO

4.multifunctional space


Due to the impact of the epidemic, the trend of working from home (WFH) has increased dramatically. We spend more and more time at home and need more space functions to create work areas and multi-functional living spaces. The future home will be between different areas. Instead of compartmentalizing, switch easily between work and play by zoning it with moveable partitions or furniture, rugs, or different colors and materials.

▲B-LAB Design/Photo: B-STUDIO

5 .Flexible modular furniture


Modern homes are thinner, lighter, and easier to adjust. They are suitable for today's more flexible home spaces and can meet different activity types. Through the combination of furniture modules, a design with simple lines and easy movement is formed to create unique furniture suitable for various needs.

▲Design: Studio Ben Allen Photo: French + Tye

6. Curved design


Curved furniture is a trend that has become popular since last year. The curvilinear structure is distinct, with wide curves and rounded corners. The smooth-shaped sofas, chairs, and tables are paired with simple, plain, and multi-functional furniture, which gently softens the look. space, bringing a flowing, soft and comfortable atmosphere to the space.

▲ARCS Design: ARCS- 3Dmitri Studio Photo:behance.net

7 .natural/Environmentally friendly materials


Use building materials that have a minimal impact on the environment and are not harmful to human health, such as natural materials such as rattan, linen or cotton, and natural tones - such as sage, green velvet sofas, olive walls or jute-textured rugs, with earthy textures , natural tones, adjust the dull life, bring vitality and vitality!

▲Photo: Ashish Mittal



As an important part of interior design, wallpaper introduces floral layers through textiles and fresh wallpapers to provide visual interest, as well as composite natural wallpapers such as natural kudzu, rattan, silk, silk, hemp silk, and coconut silk to complement modern lines. Interesting and adds unique personality to the space.

▲Photo: decorilla.com

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