How much do you know about the Ordinance on Endangering the Elderly? Understand in 5 minutes the conditions, benefits and application methods for rebuilding the elderly at risk


What are the regulations for endangering the elderly? How is it different from urban planning? Although they are all rebuilding old buildings, there are differences in rewards, application conditions and application methods. This article will introduce the legislative background of the Ordinance for the Elderly, lead you to understand the significance of the Ordinance for the Elderly, and sort out the reconstruction of the old buildings in danger. 3 major benefits and 5 conditions to help you understand your rights and interests.


Why should we enact regulations on endangering the elderly? Understand the legislative background of 3 Ordinances on endangering the elderly

The full name of the Ordinance for Endangering the Elderly is "Ordinance on Accelerated Redevelopment of Dangerous and Old Urban Buildings”, as the name suggests, is to speed up the reconstruction of dangerous and old buildings. Since Taiwan is in an earthquake zone and many old buildings are occupied by elderly people, accelerating the reconstruction of dangerous old buildings can protect national security and improve the quality of life of the elderly. The following is a summary of the three main backgrounds of the legislation of the dangerous elderly buildings. factor:

  1. Accelerate and reward rebuilding: After obtaining the consent of the owner of the dilapidated old building 100%, the urban renewal review process can be exempted, and the reconstruction can be directly applied for incentives to improve the efficiency of rebuilding the dilapidated old building.
  2. Small dangerous buildings can also apply for reconstruction: The small base was unable to qualify for reconstruction under the original urban renewal regulations, so dangerous regulations were formulated to solve the problem of old and dangerous buildings.
  3. Building senior housing: In response to the advent of an aging society, create barrier-free spaces through reconstruction for the elderly and safeguard the residential rights of the elderly.


What are the benefits of rebuilding the elderly? 3 major incentives to encourage accelerated reconstruction

After understanding the legislative background of the Ordinance for Elderly Care Rehabilitation, we will sort out the incentive measures that everyone is most concerned about. There are three main advantages in applying for reconstruction for the elderly at risk:


1. Risky elderly capacity bonus

Depending on the building conditions, the maximum base volume of the building base can be 1.3 times, or 1.15 times the original building volume. If the application is made before 109 years of the Republic of China, an additional base volume of 10% can be added. To put it simply, it isAfter reconstruction, more indoor square footage can be obtained than before.. In addition, special attention should be paid to the fact that if adjacent land is merged for reconstruction, there is a limit of 1,000 square meters in reward limit.


2. Relax building coverage rate and height restrictions

To put it simply, relaxing the building coverage ratio means increasing the area that a piece of vacant land can cover for buildings. The degree of relaxation is limited to the base of the residential area and cannot exceed the original building coverage ratio. In terms of high-level control, local competent authorities will set separate standards, and you need to refer to the implementation rules of each local government's regulations on endangering the elderly.


Apply for tax exemption within 3.5 years

If you apply for reconstruction of the elderly in danger within 5 years after the implementation of the Ordinance (111 years of the Republic of China), you can enjoy the following 3 tax reduction and exemption incentives:

  • During the reconstruction period, land value tax will be exempted
  • Enjoy a 50% reduction in land value tax and house tax for 2 years after reconstruction
  • If the ownership of the house is not transferred after reconstruction, the halving of house tax can be extended for 10 years.


Do my family’s elderly care regulations apply? Understand the 5 conditions for endangering the elderly regulations閱讀台北市危老條例施行細則,了解危老建築條件

Next, I will help you understand the questions about your own rights and interests: "What conditions must be met to apply for reconstruction for the elderly?".

1. Located within the scope of urban planning

First of all, it must be a legal building and the building is located within the scope of urban planning before it can apply for reconstruction.


2. It is not a building with commemorative value

If the building is recognized by the competent authority as having historical, cultural or artistic commemorative value, it cannot apply for reconstruction in danger.


3. Meet one of the following conditions for dangerous old age

  • Buildings that have been notified by the competent authority to be demolished within a time limit in accordance with the law, or that have been assessed to be dangerous and require reinforcement or demolition within a time limit.
  • After a professional assessment, it was determined that the structural safety performance did not meet the minimum level.
  • The house is over 30 years old, the earthquake resistance and structural safety performance are not up to standard, and the improvement is ineffective.
  • Buildings that are more than 30 years old, have earthquake resistance and structural safety performance that do not meet standards, and are not equipped with lifting equipment.


4. The consent ratio of the elderly must be 100%

Owners of land and buildings must 100% agree to the reconstruction of dilapidated old buildings and complete legal procedures, including holding exhibitions, public hearings, hearings and deliberation, etc.


5. The regulations on endangering the elderly are valid until May 31, 2016.

Finally, it is important to note that the application deadline for the reconstruction plan is May 31, 116, the Republic of China; the application deadline for volume bonus is May 9, 109, the Republic of China; and the application deadline for tax exemption is May 9, 111, the Republic of China.



How to determine whether a building is in danger? Leave it to a professional architectural studio|B-Studio

If you want to apply for the reconstruction of a house in danger of aging, in addition to understanding the incentive methods and application conditions, the most important thing is to determine whether the building is in danger of aging. If you are not sure whether the house meets the conditions of danger for the elderly, it is recommended to have it carefully evaluated by a professional architectural studio.B-StudioIn addition to having a professional architecture and design team, in the face of diversified design topics and the development trend of an aging society, we have continued to improve on the topic of elderly health care buildings. We are familiar with end-of-age regulations and judgment standards, and can provide you with the best Professional assessment.

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