Crisis video

– What exactly is age-related risk?
– What exactly are the rewards for the elderly?
– How much reward value can I get?
– What is volume? Coverage rate? Do you still need to pay a security deposit?
– Unable to reach 100% agreement
– The number of square meters allocated for joint construction by builders has decreased.
– Unable to apply for lots with building lines
– Scope includes state-owned land
– Differences in risk and age changes
– Minimum square footage for redevelopment of dilapidated old buildings in Taipei
– The first step in rebuilding
– How to exchange one ping for one ping
– Best base conditions
– Construction cost items
– Is it worth rebuilding?
– The difference between builders and full project management
– Funds/Loans/Trusts
– The fastest transformation example
– How to replace one square meter with one square meter if the volume is low?
– Sharing examples of how to solve the problem of square footage allocation satisfactorily
– Sharing examples of how to change the old age and change the capital.
– How to apply on the ground floor (storefront)
– The key to successful reconstruction
- Mr. Wei’s flow chart
– Integration and preparation
– Initial assessment and financial feasibility
– Construction license application
– Trust financing
– Project contracting
- Sale
– Volume bonus details
– Pingxiao school’s point of view
– Volume bonus priority projects
– Value-added perspective
– Ping clique’s point of view
– Volume Bonus Summary
- architectural design
– Green building design
– pragmatic argument
– Shock-resistant design
– Silver-haired Smart House
– Integrated design
– Rewards and design packages
– Financial model for crisis-related reconstruction
– Reconstruction cost items
– Definition of rights value
– How to determine value
– fair approach
– Suitable financial planning
– Full case management value
– Basic requirements for builders
– Reference basis for selecting builders
– Subcontracting
– Hands-on experience
– Differences between manufacturing supervision responsibilities and labor supervision
– Tax introduction
– Which items can legally save taxes?
– Additional subsidies
– Transfer of property rights
– Land management and construction area
– Substantive point intersection
– House sales