[Imitation water-mold paint] Water-mold gray texture x 20 matching ideas of warm wood to create a Japanese simple life!

Following Tadao Ando’s fair-faced construction trend, fair-faced concrete has become an ideal element for indoor spaces. Interior decoration can use the imitation water-casting method to give the walls a texture like water-cast pouring. In interior design, fair-faced concrete covers the ceiling. , floors and walls, combined with warm wood, maintaining the essence of reality, but adding warmth to the space. This time, let’s appreciate how designers integrate clear water molding into modern homes to construct a Japanese simple life!

1.Wood ceiling x concrete floor shaping atmosphere


With the natural texture style of wooden elements, you can use wooden ceilings to warm up any space. It can also play the role of modifying pipelines, blurring beams, and concealing equipment. It also complements the cold-toned concrete.

▲ Design:Yas N Vicente Photo:yasnvicente.com

▲ Photo: estliving.com

▲ Design:Yonder Photo:Brigida González

2.Wooden walls x concrete walls provide visual contrast


Interior walls are mainly clad in vertical natural wood and exposed concrete, providing visual contrast from any angle of the house with a modern and relatively minimalist aesthetic.

▲ Design:READ & Architects Photo: dezeen.com

▲ Design: Alyona Dulskaya Photo: behance.net

▲ Design: Eduardo Chalabi, Studio MK27 – Marcio Kogan Photo: Fernando Guerra

3.Built-in wooden cabinet X concrete wall Display window effect


The built-in wooden storage cabinet is located on the gray concrete wall. It is functional and has a display window effect of bright details, artwork and home accessories, making the entire wall lively and interesting.

▲ Design: Norm Architects Photo: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

▲ Design: Studio KO Photo: turbulences-deco.fr

▲ Design: Edition Office Photo: Ben Hosking

4.Wood window frame x concrete wall framed window view


The concrete walls provide an excellent backdrop for the wooden window frames, which extend across large areas to the floor. The warmth of the wood balances the concrete, while the smooth surface of the glass accentuates its texture, framing it and adding to the gallery's character. The tone has become a warm area.

▲Design: mar plus ask Photo:leibal.com

▲Design: mar plus ask Photo:leibal.com

▲Design:Yellow Cloud Studio Photo:dezeen.com

5.Concrete floor x wooden elements neutral space background


The gray of concrete is a neutral backdrop in modern spaces, setting the stage for the entire space and can be paired with almost any color, while natural-textured wood elements and earthy tones of soft fabrics and leathers make every space feel special. Can look more clean, simple and modern.

▲Design: Aphiwat Phettakua Photo:behance.net

▲Design: DGN Studio Photo: themodernhouse.com

▲Design: Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados Photo: Rafael Gamo

▲Design: Pablo Pérez Palacios Photo:staysomedays.com

▲Design: Pablo Pérez Palacios Photo:staysomedays.com

6.concrete ceilingXwoodenground complement each other


Concrete ceilings and wooden floors, when combined, inject earthy tones into the room, balancing the cool tones with the concrete ceiling. Moderate introduction of the main elements of the Japanese wabi sabi style and the accents of wood complete the look, while bringing out the There is a hint of modernity.

▲Design: JCB Architecture, Hecker Guthrie Photo: estliving.com

▲ Photo: odedalony.tumblr.com

▲Design: Keiji Ashizawa Photo: normcph.com

▲Design: Faulkner Architects Photo: Miner Road

The clear water mold shows the original texture of concrete, and the quiet and pure beauty is eye-catching!
Architect Chen Bingxin, who has won many international awards for his clear water mold architectural design, is good at integrating architecture and interior space use.
Design a minimalist beauty that returns to simple life!


interior space-Avenue of Stars➦ 

construction space-Taichung Fu's House➦

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