[Parent-child house design] Master 8 key points in the design of children's room to make the home the best place for parent-child interaction!

Welcoming the arrival of the baby is both happy and busy. We are happily imagining what the baby will look like, and are anxiously preparing the necessary things and equipment for the baby. We want to create a room that has the functions of playing and reading, and it will become an exclusive room that the child will love now and in the next few years. As a parent or waiting to become a parent, whether you are starting from scratch or wishing to improve an existing space, you can master 8 key points to make your home the best place for parent-child interaction!

1. An open space with smooth circulation

Improve the integrity and interactivity between areas, lighting and ventilation, and you can always pay attention to the safety of your baby's activities when preparing a family-sized dinner. Home is the best place for parent-child interaction!

▲Tianyu Street Design/Photo: B-STUDIO

2. Comfortable and bright space

The large glass pane floods the home with sunlight, and the wooden floor can adjust the indoor humidity, allowing the baby to feel the outdoor sunshine and green plants and relax, making it comfortable to crawl or lie down.

▲Tianyu Street Design/Photo: B-STUDIO

3. Bright kids room

Children's rooms are best suited to create a vibrant and happy space through bright colors! By adding bright colors to bedding or curtains, or painting accessories and wood products, bright colors can be introduced into neutral tones, and small-scale color jumps can be added to low-chroma spaces to enliven the atmosphere of the space.

▲Design: Leninskii. Moscow. Photo:

▲Design: Leninskii. Moscow. Photo:


Children's rooms create interesting spaces through rich textures and geometric patterns. Nowadays, the retro-style interior design of the 1970s is once again popular, and striped wallpapers with flowers create a warm and pleasant living environment.

▲Photo: @obsessed4interiors

5. Storage

Children's toys and books storage is a problem. You can cleverly use the space between beams and columns to make system cabinets to store items properly. Choose lower cabinets and bedside tables to allow children to pack their own things. Customized modular bed designs can also increase storage. space, and equipped with hooks and storage boxes under the bed, it can double the storage in a small space.

▲Design: Photo:

▲Design: boq architekti Photo: Tomas Dittrich

6. Reading area

The reading area is an important place for parents and children to get along. As a relaxing and comfortable reading area, it can be combined with the functions of drawing and creating. It can also perfectly expand the storage function of the space. It is also a place where children need to learn when they grow up, so special attention needs to be paid to lighting. Is it sufficient?

▲Design: Studio Ben Allen Photo: French + Tye

7. Play area for safe play

Want to add interesting elements to your parent-child home? First of all, safety must be your first priority. Movable slides, children's chairs, indoor swings, climbing walls and furniture are often designed with rounded corners, and anti-collision strips are installed on the right-angled edges. , is a space for children to have fun!

▲Photo: @nestmas

▲Design: tasjalap Photo:

▲Design: tasjalap Photo:


Sleep is very important for children, especially when it comes to the layout of children's bedrooms. Safety considerations must be the first priority. Railings must be installed to prevent children from falling. It is also necessary to avoid the risk of entanglement of interior decorations. In order to emphasize the comfort and functionality of the space, the bedroom For relaxation and comfort, you can cover it with plush pillows and soft and luxurious textiles. The lighting design of the bedroom is mainly soft light. Warm colors and low color temperature lighting are preferred to create a comfortable and warm canopy to make bedtime more interesting and create high-quality sleep. A world of comfort!


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