[Storage tips for small square footage] Designers don’t hide their secrets and reveal 6 storage tips! Small square footage enlarges the sense of space and welcomes the Year of the Tiger refreshed!

Small-square-meter houses often face the problem of insufficient space and accumulation, causing space oppression! If you want to have an enlarged sense of space, in addition to cleaning and uprooting, you can also use the 6 small-square-foot space amplification techniques selected by the designer. , in a limited space, through hidden large-capacity storage, the home space can be refreshed and welcome the New Year easily!


Hidden storage on the wall


The wall and door are made of the same material and pattern, and are perfectly integrated. The door is naturally hidden. After pushing open the wiring board, you find a large storage cabinet hidden inside! The system cabinet can easily cover all kinds of home appliances and daily necessities, integrating The traditional design enlarges the visual field of the space. If the wall is made of wooden grille, its simple and regular lines will extend the visual space and make it more modern and simple.

▲ Photo: basq bt LARQ

Hidden floor storage


After the wooden floor is elevated, it can be turned into a hidden storage cabinet that can be stored downwards. With the design of lift panels or drawers, the underground space can be used to store heavy sheets and clothes in winter, thereby reducing the storage space of the wardrobe. The storage method naturally doubles the space efficiency. It is a storage method that is both beautiful and functional!


▲Benevolence Gift Collection Design/Photo: B-STUDIO

Storage area under stairs


The irregular space under the sky or under the multi-story staircase can be turned into a reading corner by installing partitions, bookcases, and placing simple tables and chairs in addition to accumulating clutter. Use lighting to embellish the space atmosphere, display collections, or set up A reception space, small photo studio, etc. become a perfect corner of the space.


Window day cabinet


The living room is the most important place in the home, embodying the emotions of the residents. If a comfortable couch can be designed by the window as a relaxing reading area, it can even be combined with the function of a coffee table to entertain guests to sit and chat, and drawers can be installed under the seats. Perfectly expands space storage function to create a stress-relieving space near the sun.

▲Design: Faulkner Architects Photo: Miner Road

ceiling storage


If you can no longer find space for storage, you can also make good use of the height difference in the ceiling and the scattered space between beams and columns to make a hidden storage cabinet that can be lowered, such as a shoe cabinet in the entrance, sundry storage, etc., to expand more suitable Storage space in a small house.

▲B-LAB Design/Photo: B-STUDIO

Built-in corner space


If you have a desk and chair set at home that can be used for reading, writing or drawing, you can use it freely and comfortably. However, small houses are often limited by lack of space and combine the table with other furniture. If you use a hanging folding desktop, you can Choose to close the folding table to become a regular wall surface, or use hardware to turn the wooden table into a suspended desktop. Flexible usage creates space for corners!

▲Design: Studio Ben Allen Photo: French + Tye

▲Design: Studio Ben Allen Photo: French + Tye

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