[Taipei Old Houses Reborn] Old houses are renovated and given a new lease of life! Cost subsidy, understand the 4 "Key Points of Renovation" at once!

Did you know that old houses over 30 years old account for 68% of the total number of residential buildings in Taipei? The proportion of old houses is the highest in Taiwan. In recent years, in order to encourage residents to renew themselves, the government has budgeted to provide financial subsidies to assist residents in rebuilding, renovating or maintaining old buildings. This has led to the rise of a trend of renovating old houses and giving old houses a new look. The new appearance also continues the local temperature and life memories. What are the conditions for applying for old house renovation subsidies? What should we pay attention to when renovating the design? Let’s take a look!


What subsidies are there for renovating old houses? Renovation Drive-Thru-Package ABC


It is estimated that Taiwan will enter a super-aged society in 2025, with 1 in 5 people over the age of 65. The lack of elevators in old apartments is a disadvantage for seniors and people with mobility issues. In order to implement and promote age-friendly city policies, the Taipei City Government, in addition to urban renewal , In addition to the reconstruction of dangerous old buildings, you can also carry out some renovations and repairs through the "Renovation", "Maintenance" and Maintenance Drive-Thru-Package ABC (until December 30) subsidy policies.


For the overall renovation of high-rise buildings, subsidy projects include adding elevators, exterior wall repairs, structural reinforcements, etc. If they belong to renovation or maintenance strategic areas, the subsidy amount is limited to 75% of the total project cost, with a maximum subsidy of 15 million yuan.

Buildings below the sixth floor, renovation and installation of elevators in old buildings - a maximum subsidy of 2.2 million yuan; exterior wall repair and renovation of old buildings - a maximum subsidy of 3 million yuan; structural reinforcement of old buildings - a maximum subsidy of 4 million yuan, The amount shall not exceed 50% of the total project funds. Compared with urban renewal and reconstruction of the elderly, the review process for applying for subsidies is simpler and easier. It is advisable to seize more opportunities to apply to improve the residential life of the elderly and people with limited mobility, and more Safe and convenient!

▲Zhengwei Drive-Thru-Package ABC Photo: Taipei City Emergency Department 110/10/8

What are the 4 “key points” in renovating old houses?


Exterior wall facelift-giving an old house a second life


Old houses are prone to thermal expansion and contraction due to climate, earthquakes and other factors, often accompanied by problems such as peeling tiles and leaking exterior walls, causing concerns about the safety of passers-by and residents. After exterior wall resurfacing, you no longer have to worry about falling tiles. The tiles will not damage pedestrians or vehicles, and through the architect's design ingenuity, the appearance of the building will be completely new. After completion, it will not only improve public safety, but also make the residential community more beautiful.

Hidden project - health inspection of old house and replacement of old pipelines

In a medieval house that is over 20 years old, it is easy for the wiring to rust without being noticed, or the waterproof layer to be damaged due to earthquake cracks. If you want to ensure the structural safety of the old house, it is recommended to have health inspection services through experts to fully understand the condition of the house and strengthen "concealment". After the construction of the project, the invisible physical objects are covered. During the re-decoration, the invisible details are fully inspected. In addition to the above-mentioned water and electricity wiring, it also includes power system construction, mud work, water supply/drainage, Special attention should be paid to window frame renewal, weak current configuration, etc., especially waterproofing projects. Pay attention to the waterproofing treatment of roofs, exterior walls, ceilings and pipelines, and through professional designer design and professional work supervisors, do a good job in renovating old houses. I can live there for another 20 years or more.

▲Photo: B-STUDIO

Layout configuration - Taking family needs into consideration, the space is doubled


Family structure and members are often important factors in considering the layout configuration. Determine the combination of the dining room, living room, and bedrooms, and consider whether the room configuration for each function is reasonable. Remove the partition walls to create an open layout, or retain the original layout and rearrange the space. Configuration, or use glass partitions, screen-style half walls, partitioned ceiling shapes, movable furniture, etc. to assist in defining zones to make the home look larger than the actual square footage!

▲Tianyu Street (before decoration) Design/Photo: B-STUDIO

▲Tianyu Street (after decoration) Design/Photo: B-STUDIO

Lighting and ventilation - open design makes the space lighter


In the past, old houses were limited by long layouts, beams and structural problems, resulting in dark interiors and poor air flow. To address common lighting problems, designers used open storage to make the space lighter and reduce wall thickness. Shield, expand the window area to introduce views, introduce abundant sunlight and air into the room, and greatly enhance the brightness of the space!


▲Tianyu Street Design/Photo: B-STUDIO

Recommended Reconstruction of Old Houses | B-STUDIO gives old houses a new lease of life


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