[Rebuild the elderly in danger now] Are there any more choices for seniors who are over 30 years old? Or is it better to rebuild the elderly in danger? Comparison of application conditions, incentives and discounts!


There are many old houses in Taiwan, with up to 54 million households having houses that are more than 30 years old. Is the house you live in an elderly residence that is over 30 years old? Are you considering urban renewal/dangerous reconstruction? The following provides you with conditions such as the size of the urban renewal/dangerous old reconstruction base, consent ratio, etc., compared with volume incentives and tax exemptions and other preferential treatment, to help you choose a plan that better meets your conditions and expectations, seize the reconstruction incentives as early as possible, and enjoy a safer and healthier life. Living Environment!


Who does the Dugeng Ordinance apply to compared with the Elderly Care Ordinance?

1. Main applicable objects of urban renewal:

For areas that have been delineated or changed and should be renovated, or to voluntarily designate regeneration units based on the designated regeneration unit delineation criteria.

2. Applicable objects for reconstruction of endangered elderly people:

  1. The construction authority has notified the building to be demolished within a time limit in accordance with the building regulations and disaster prevention regulations, or it has been forced to be demolished directly, or it has been assessed that there is a risk of danger and should be reinforced or demolished within a time limit.
  2. The structural safety performance evaluation results did not reach the minimum level.
  3. The building is more than 30 years old, and the seismic resistance of the building according to the structural safety performance evaluation results does not meet a certain standard, and the improvement is ineffective or no lifting equipment is installed.
  4. Adjacent building bases or land may be merged for management. However, the area of the adjacent building base or land shall not exceed the area of the building base.


All new regulations Compared What are the differences in the application of regulations on endangering the elderly?

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Does the Dugeng Ordinance provide tax benefits compared to the Elderly Care Ordinance?

There are exemptions and exemptions for value-added tax and deed tax for dilapidated old redevelopment land, but there are no relevant reduction and exemption measures for urban renewal. In addition, the land price tax and house tax exemption for dilapidated old reconstruction and urban renewal are halved for 2 years after completion, and if the legal buildings before reconstruction If the owner is a natural person and holds the reconstructed building and has not transferred it within the two-year period of halving the house tax levy in the preceding paragraph, the period of halving the house tax levy may be extended until the ownership is lost, but it is limited to ten years. .

▲ Image source: Taipei City Urban Renewal Office

The upper limit of the area bonus for urban renewal is 1.5 times the legal area or 0.3 times the legal area + the original building area;

For reconstruction of dilapidated buildings, the standard volume is 1.3 times the standard volume or 1.15 times the original building volume.


Increased rewards for rebuilding vulnerable elderly people

Dangerous and old buildings in Taipei City have been reviewed and qualified for reconstruction according to the Dangerous Aging Regulations. They have received a number of supporting benefits. Among them, the volume bonus will be reduced year by year. Starting from 110/5/12, the bonus will be reduced to 6% of the base volume. There is demand. Homeowners please take advantage of the 6% bonus of the base volume!

1. Schedule rewards: reduced year by year

109/5/12~110/5/12 Volume 8% reward

110/5/12~111/5/12 Volume 6% reward

111/5/12~112/5/12 volume 4% reward

112/5/12~113/5/12 Volume 2% reward

113/5/12~114/5/12 Volume 1% reward

No time bonus starting from 114/5/12

2. Scale rewards:

If the combined adjacent land area of a dangerous old building base reaches 200 square meters, a base volume reward of 2% will be given. For every additional 100 square meters, a base volume reward of 0/5% will be given.

(The total of time course reward and scale volume reward shall not exceed the upper limit of the base capacity of 10%.)


Is it better to choose a new home for the elderly or rebuild for the elderly?

Urban renewal is a policy set up to create the interests of the majority of people. It needs to go through urban renewal public hearings, deliberation meetings, hearings and other procedures, and it takes about 3 to 10 years from review to the start of construction. The reconstruction of dilapidated elderly people has been launched by the Ministry of Interior in recent years to speed up the process. It meets the conditions of urban planning, legal buildings, and dilapidated elderly people. It enjoys preferential treatment such as preliminary evaluation subsidies, reconstruction costs, volume bonuses, and tax exemptions. It can be completed within one month at the earliest. The completion of the review is an opportunity for the reconstruction of senior housing!

There are differences between the two plans of the Dugeng Ordinance and the Endangered Elderly Ordinance, and because the conditions of the location of the house have different areas and proportions of consent from all land and building owners, the conditions that must be weighed first include the use zoning, the current condition of the house, Regional selling prices, community size, etc. Therefore, before executing the application, the builder must help the homeowner evaluate the basic conditions and necessary information of the house, and put forward professional suggestions that are most beneficial to the current situation.


How to determine whether a building is in danger? Leave it to a professional architectural studio|B-Studio

If you want to apply for the reconstruction of a house in danger of aging, in addition to understanding the incentive methods and application conditions, the most important thing is to determine whether the building is in danger of aging. If you are not sure whether the house meets the conditions of danger for the elderly, it is recommended to have it carefully evaluated by a professional architectural studio.B-StudioIn addition to having a professional architecture and design team, in the face of diversified design topics and the development trend of an aging society, we have continued to improve on the topic of elderly health care buildings. We are familiar with end-of-age regulations and judgment standards, and can provide you with the best Professional assessment.

If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us at any time:B-Studio online consultation

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Taipei City Construction Management Engineering Office

Taipei City Urban Renewal Office

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